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The program starts at 6:00 a.m. Eastern Time with the latest Fox News Live headlines and analyzes the news of the morning. It continues with many different segments including interviews, updates of news stories with correspondents at any number of bureaus, analysis from the hosts, and many different regular morning show segments.

Fox & Friends evolved from Fox X-press, FNC's original morning-news program.The show also has a list of regular contributors, including Dr. Manny Alvarez with "Ask Dr. Manny" and "Dr. Manny's Healthbeat," two regular health segments, Mancow Muller with a short chat session towards the end of the weekday edition of the program, and any number of other contributors.


  1. Complaints against Fox & Friends filed with the FCC (01/09 - 11/09) [32 Pages, 11.29mb]
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