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On 28 July 2010, at approximately 1822 hours local time (L), a C-17A, Tail Number 00-0173, executed a takeoff from Runway 06 to practice maneuvers for the upcoming 31 Jul 10 Arctic Thunder Airshow at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. After the initial climbout and left tum, the mishap pilot executed an aggressive right tum. As the aircraft banked, the stall warning system activated to alert the crew of an impending stall. Instead of implementing stall recovery procedures, the pilot continued the tum as planned, and the aircraft entered a stall from which recovery was not possible. Although the pilot eventually attempted to recover the aircraft, he employed incorrect procedures, and there was not sufficient altitude to regain controlled flight. The aircraft impacted wooded terrain northwest of the airfield, damaged a portion of the Alaskan Railroad, and was destroyed.

 USAF Aircraft Accident Investigation Board Report [ 1,448 Pages, 59.10MB ]

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