Declassified Government Documents Available for Download

The U.S. Military and government has spent a lot of time and money while considering the militarization of space.  The following documents offer a glimpse Rinto that past.

  1.  ABMA Presentation to NASA, November 2006 [155 Pages, 28.64mb] - This document was referenced in the Project Horizon document.
  2.  Automation Tools for Responsive Space and Space Superiority, 02 August 2011 [5 Pages, 0.8MB] - This consists of the Title Page and Table of Contents ONLY.  The quote for the entire document was in excess of $450 for the review of this 192 page report.  I requested the title page and TOC for reference. 
  3.  The Air Force Role in Developing International Outer Space Law, May 1999 - The author describes the Air Force 's continued efforts to resist the passage of most international outer space law conventions, the restiveness of the Air Force judge advocate general corps with a backseat role, and how the judge advocate general failed in its early attempt to have the Air Force become proactive in the development of the law. Discusses the early evolution of international outer space law and the United States Air Force's contribution to it. Describes the Air Force's ad hoc approach and its efforts to have this approach adopted by the United States and the international community.
  4.  A Brief History of the DoD Space Test Program, December 1993 [184 Pages]
  5.  A Brief History of the DoD Space Test Program, December 1995 [178 Pages]
  6.  Department of Defense (DoD) Space Programs and Activities, November 1994 [6 Pages, 300k]
  7.  The Military in Space: A Selected Bibliography, August 1990 [35 Pages, 1.93MB] 
  8.  National Reconnaissance Program: Utilization of the Space Shuttle, 1981 [10 Pages, 5.1MB] 
  9.  Potential Military Uses For The Space Station, June 1989 [111 Pages]
  10.  Recent Accomplishments of the DoD Space Test Progra, January 1994 [23 Pages, 2.45mb]
  11.  Space: The Fourth Military Dimension, 1 October 1986 [108 Pages, 3.84mb]
  12.  Spaceplane Technology and Research (STAR), August 1984
  13.  Standard Spacecraft Procurement Analysis: A Case Study in NASA-DoD Coordination in Space Programs, may 1980 [226 Pages, 10.5mb]
  14.  Towards an Affordable National Security Space Program [9 Pages, 431k]
  15.  A White Paper on the Accomplishments of the DoD Space Test Program 1967-1976 [29 Pages]
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