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This category archives documents relating to advanced propulsion systems and related information on Deep Space travel, along with other reports on Deep Space Communication. 

Deep Space Communication

 Research Summary Number 36-1. Volume 1 for the Period 1 December 1959-1 February 1960 [10 Pages, 4.1MB] - As part of the United States Deep Space Research Program, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is establishing a system of space probe radio communication stations to be known as the Deep Space Instrumentation Facility (DSIF).

Deep Space Travel

 Design and Stress Analysis of Extraterrestrial Electric Rocket Engines [670 Pages, 29.67MB] - Given are general data on the design of electric rocket engines calculation of their strength and vibrations, evaluation of their reliability. Considerable attention is given to power generators of cosmic engine installations. Analyzed are structural diagrams of nuclear reactors, isotopic power supply sources, solar concentrators and chemical fuel elements. Given are methods for calculation of strength of various generator parts; housings, casings, and walls, perforated plates under load. Discussed is the calculation of temperature stresses in heat-releasing reactor elements.

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