Declassified Government Documents Available for Download

The following are uncategorized documents from the Cold War era. They are listed on this page until they are properly categorized.

  1. Acquisition Management in the U.S. Air Force and Its Predecessors, 1997 [66 Pages]
  2.  Air Combat Command (ACC) and the Legacy of the Cold War, December 1995 [3,228 Pages, 124.91MB] - The end of the Cold War in 1989 brought with it a restructuring of the Department of Defense. The ACC came into existence on June 1, 1992, incorporating assets from the Strategic Air Command (SAC), Tactical Air Command (TAC), and Military Airlift Command (MAC). During the Cold War, SAC and TAC had the primary responsibility of enforcing United States policies around the world through the deployment of air power, especially to contain and deter communism. Air Defense Command (ADC; renamed Aerospace Defense Command in 1968) and SAC had the primary responsibility for deterrence and air defense of the continental United States; TAC supported this mission. The bulk of the USAF ACC real property holdings are related to SAC, ADC, and TAC activities. Although the USAF missile program was transferred to the United States Space Command, under the operational authority of the North American Aerospace Defense Command in July 1993, the missile fields remain under the administration of ACC through the individual bases.
  3. Eastern Europe on the Eve of the Malta Meeting, November 29, 1989
  4. FBI File: FBI File 65-HQ-30092 [262 Pages, 15.8MB] - Released FBI File 65-HQ-30092 Telephone Bugging of Russian Embassy in 1940 Also mentions telephone bugging of the Embassies of Germany, Italy, France, and Japan.
  5. The Gorbachev Era: Implication for U.S. Strategy -- Speech by Robert
    Gates, Deputy Director of Central Intelligence Agency, October 14, 1988
  6. Prospects for Further Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, August 23, 1974
  7. Richard Helms as Director of the CIA, 1993 [ 229 Pages ]
  8. Soviet Acknowledgement of Budget Deficit, October 23, 1988
  9. Status of AID Project, as of 30 June 1964 [43 Pages, 5.10mb] - Document listing different periodicals and reference aids from the Soviet Union. Interesting titles. Still unclear where this intelligence might be.
  10. Stranger than Fiction. Soviet Submarine Operations in Swedish Waters, January 1990 [86 Pages, 4.3mb] - The Soviets have conducted submarine operations in Swedish waters continuously since World War II. Although the evidence of these violations of Sweden's territorial waters is incomplete, Swedish authorities indicate that submarine operations were carried out infrequently and at irregular intervals during the 1960s and into the late 1970s.
  11. Talking Points for the DCI, January, 1990 - Current Soviet Troop Strengths in Afghanistan.
  12. United Loans to the Soviet Bloc, September 16. 1988
  13. VOX Topic Article, Volume 32, Fall 1989 [40 Pages, 10.7 MB]
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    My dad was a B29 pilot during the Korean War. I asked what he thought about Roswell. He said that if where really a weather ballon, why did they need B29's there to transport the wreckage. There would be no reason to have B29's there for transporting the wreckage especially more than one if it where just a weather ballon. He did not know if it was a alien craft. He believed it was some Russian thing that crashed or a highly sensitive US project that crashed. If it had crashed and been a ET craft he believed there would have been a rescue attempt by the ET's. He knew some people and because I kept bothering him. He asked some people he knew about Roswell. My father before being a B29 pilot was a Sargant MP. He was told to just forget about it and not to dig into it!! He kept digging he was getting some information about Roswell when he had a stroke. Than out of the blue he had to have his dephibulator replaced. After that operation his health really got bad! My dad died on December 11, 2011. His dephibulator never worked!!!! Also when he had the dephibulator replaced they said he had to have a pacemaker put in. This was odd to me. Both devices failed and my dad died. The afternoon before he told me to come see him he wanted to talk to me about Roswell. This has always bothered me, that after that phone call with me he died shortly after. I now have decided to look into Roswell and I want to post something incase something happens too me. My dad was on too something he was retired and had nothing to do. So he decided to spend all his time on researching Roswell. The fact that B29's where used to transport wreckage has always bothered him. He knew this, it was NO WEATHER BALLOON!!! I need help with this from someone out there please contact me at

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