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A "broken arrow" is an accidental event that involves nuclear weapons or nuclear components but which does not create the risk of nuclear war, known as a Broken Arrow in United States military terminology.

Below are documents obtained under the FOIA regarding Broken Arrow incidents.


  1.  DoD Instruction 7730.12, "Notification Procedures for Accidents and Significant Incidents Involving Nuclear Weapons, Reactors and Radioactive Materials" [7 Pages, 1.16mb]


B-58 Accident, 1964

  1. Remedial Action and Final Radiological Status, 1964 B-58 Accident Site [92 Pages]


General Reports

    1.  ARGX-87 Accident Response Group Exercise, 1987: A Broken Arrow mini exercise [20 Pages, 2.27mb]
    2.  Safety Study - Prime Nuclear Airlift Force (PNAF) Missions Involving the Use of C-130 and C-141 Aircraft [36 Pages, 1.9mb]
    3.  Summary of Naval Nuclear Weapon Accidents and Incidents - 1981, 1982, 1983

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Broken Arrow Incidents