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VX (S-[2-(diisopropylamino)ethyl]-O-ethyl methylphosphonothioate) is an extremely toxic substance whose only application is in chemical warfare as a nerve agent. As a chemical weapon, it is classified as a weapon of mass destruction by the United Nations in UN Resolution 687. The production and stockpiling of VX was outlawed by the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993.


  1. Electronic Warfare Joint Test VX-5 Advance Evaluation Note [59 Pages]

  2. Toxicity of High Purity VX in the Rabbit (Percutaneous) and Mouse (Intravenous) Following The Addition of Reaction Products [59 Pages]

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  •  Stephen_Taylor: 

    Another weapon built in porten down biological warfare research centre in england, united kingdom during the 1950's. it is supposedly the most toxic chemical substance ever known to man and kills effective and efficiantly. no doubt another masterpiece brought to light by nazi germany. 

     265 days ago 
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03.23.2010 (1624 days ago)
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Biological Agent: VX