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  •  Truthseeker49: 

    Even though some consider Dulce underground facilities an urban myth, one thing solid comes from it. something is going on in the area at Dulce, NM. There is an old saying: Where there is smoke, there is fire. This is not a " tourist attraction " so something is up. What better place to hide a underground facility than on a indian reservaton or reservation land. Too many people believe that something is going on up there for it to be nothing. The state of New Mexico has many experimental labs, Sandia labs and White Sands (missile range ). The state seems to be a hub of military testing labs and sites. Not six miles from where I live is a NASA rocket motor test facility, which also hides a earth down link spy sattellite station. The facility looks like a parabolic antenna farm. The imediate question that comes to mind when seeing them is " what has very large parabolic antenna's have to do with the testing of " rocket motors ".  In the 10 plus years I've lived here I have only heard what sounded like rocket motor testing twice. This facility is part of of the (NRO) National Reconnaissance Office Aerospace Data Facility Southwest. A local television station did a report years ago on the facility and found that it does indeed help " big brother " spy on us. So with all this going on, it wouldn't take a stretch of the imagination to think something is really going on at Dulce, NM.

     261 days ago 
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  •  Eldensword: 
    Take a moment to put together the documents provided here, where the tests come back flawlessly accomplishing what they were after in 1975...No tailings, solid, strong walls of "glassed" and "re-inforced" nature as the by-product of the method...Basically the last "note" on the subject is that it works perfectly, then the subject disapears from public sight. Hello??? The implications are so limitless here, I'm astounded that the fringe-thinkers and disclosure hounds haven't blown this up a little more. It's an awesome topic and this site is the only one with such a comprehensive intro and clearly available docs to back it up.
     391 days ago 
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  •  callawayan: 
    After watching the aforementioned episode of UFO hunters, I had to get on here, and look to see if there were any official FOIA documents about the drilling techniques discussed. It's satisfying to find exactly that. Thanks.
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