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    My dad was a B29 pilot during the Korean War. I asked what he thought about Roswell. He said that if where really a weather ballon, why did they need B29's there to transport the wreckage. There would be no reason to have B29's there for transporting the wreckage especially more than one if it where just a weather ballon. He did not know if it was a alien craft. He believed it was some Russian thing that crashed or a highly sensitive US project that crashed. If it had crashed and been a ET craft he believed there would have been a rescue attempt by the ET's. He knew some people and because I kept bothering him. He asked some people he knew about Roswell. My father before being a B29 pilot was a Sargant MP. He was told to just forget about it and not to dig into it!! He kept digging he was getting some information about Roswell when he had a stroke. Than out of the blue he had to have his dephibulator replaced. After that operation his health really got bad! My dad died on December 11, 2011. His dephibulator never worked!!!! Also when he had the dephibulator replaced they said he had to have a pacemaker put in. This was odd to me. Both devices failed and my dad died. The afternoon before he told me to come see him he wanted to talk to me about Roswell. This has always bothered me, that after that phone call with me he died shortly after. I now have decided to look into Roswell and I want to post something incase something happens too me. My dad was on too something he was retired and had nothing to do. So he decided to spend all his time on researching Roswell. The fact that B29's where used to transport wreckage has always bothered him. He knew this, it was NO WEATHER BALLOON!!! I need help with this from someone out there please contact me at

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