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As Congress is looking into the U.S. Government surveillance programs, the intelligence agencies ironically declassified multiple documents
35 days ago · From Administrator
PROMIS is believed by some to be the forefunner to the now infamous "Prism" program by the National Security Agency (NSA).
306 days ago · From Administrator
Established on Nov. 4, 1952, this year the National Security Agency celebrates 60 years of service to the nation.
438 days ago · From Administrator
Untangling the Web - A Guide to Internet Research NSA Publication
440 days ago · From Administrator
Presidential Transition 2001: NSA Briefs a New Administration
441 days ago · From Administrator
The National Security Agency has declassified an eye-opening pre-history of computers used for code-breaking between the 1930s and 1960s.
449 days ago · From Administrator
Nash is the subject of the Hollywood movie A Beautiful Mind.
525 days ago · From Administrator
Cryptolog was created in 1974 and was, according to the editor, “a new vehicle for the interchange of ideas on technical subjects.”
525 days ago · From Administrator
New NSA explanation for 5 pages of documents to remain classified Top Secret.
732 days ago · From Administrator
Cryptologic Almanac 50th Anniversary Series
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UKUSA Agreement marked the reaffirmation of the vital WWII cooperation between the United Kingdom and United States
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Declassified issues of the Communicator - NSA's Employee Publication.
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The National Security Agency (NSA) Newsletters
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The National Security Agency's publication History Today archive.
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From April of 1956, to the Fall of 1980, the NSA published the "NSA Technical Journal" which contained articles and intelligence on all sorts of topics.
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