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Civil defense or civil protection is an effort to protect the citizens of a state (generally non-combatants) from military attack.
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The following are uncategorized documents from the Cold War era. They are listed on this page until they are properly categorized.
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Each employee holding classified information must sign the non-disclosure agreement form for classified information.
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CIA MKULTRA Collection
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Canada UFO Reports
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In some cases, you can request a list of classified records. This section contains some examples and lists.
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Coalition Jets Shoot Down Iranian Drone Over Iraq
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Title 22 of the US Code, Section 2656f (the "Act"), requires the Department of State to provide to Congress a annual report on terrorism
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Cryptolog was created in 1974 and was, according to the editor, “a new vehicle for the interchange of ideas on technical subjects.”
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The following documents detail the use of Cryptology inside the United States Intelligence Community.
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Congressional Correspondence (all members) with the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Staff
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Cryptologic Almanac 50th Anniversary Series
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Declassified issues of the Communicator - NSA's Employee Publication.
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Collision between USS Hartford and the USS New Orleans
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The July 2009 cyber attacks were a series of coordinated cyber attacks against major government, news media, and financial websites in South Korea and the United States.
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The Submarine Incident off Kildin Island was a collision between the US Navy nuclear submarine USS Baton Rouge and the Russian nuclear submarine K-276...
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Cloning Documents
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On the 2nd of September 1958, Soviet MiG-17 pilots shot down a U.S. Air Force reconnaissance-configured C-130 aircraft over Soviet Armenia
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The following documents relate to the combat units of World War II.
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Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) UFO Collection
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Cattle Mutilations
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Corona Satellite / Discoverer Program
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Critical Issues in the History of Spaceflight
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Carl Sagan Papers
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Cuban Missile Crisis
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The following are documents from the Cryptologic Quarterly, declassified by the NSA.
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The goal of cryptanalysis is to find some weakness or insecurity in a cryptographic scheme, thus permitting its subversion or evasion.
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