ufo's are new age nonsense?
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i went to the mall the other day (yes i actually left home physically - had to go to the 'warehouse discount' grocery store since the local tiny grocery i usually go to didn't have the sales) - it was a 17-mile trip from the pollen-laden pine forest boonies into the big city of 16,000 people

many things infuriated me, but one thing really raised my eyebrows off my forehead!

i should have never darkened the door of that local small books-a-million!

the idiots shelve the ufo and the ghost and even the vampire books in the middle of the do-it-yourself witchcraft and new age bs!

jim marrs next to madam whitewitch's rune wand kit

sitchin next to samhain tarot cards

golden dawn next to golden sun-sign astrology fortunes

gak - i want separation!

i practice the occult sciences, not new age nonsense

ufo research is not nonsense, and should not be shelved in with the occult (perhaps intentional cover up meaning occulted?)

why should these non-nonsense items be lumped within the nonsense?

strieber's 'critical mass' was between thompson and thor

i stalked out muttering non-bs and not nice occult spells, and i will not recant!

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Most of these people are fanatics and really don´t have a clue about this subject...

And they make this specific question a joke Yell

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Id put all of them in completely different catagories. new age science in my personal oppinion has nothing to do with the occult, the realm of the occult is basically the knowledge of the hidden and more old and ancient wisdom, new age science to me is all possitive outcomes in life and more self help than anything.  LOL I dont wanna see balancing your chakras sitting beside the Liber Al Vel Legis, or power of attraction beside the lesser key of solomon lol.  As far as extraterrestrial/UFO, and paranormal phenomena in the form of ghosts haunts and spirits they should be in there own section as well.  I think that people need to get there shit together before I start looking for dantes divine comedy in the science fiction section.

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I wish I had a book store like that in my mall.

One with a science section that takes up more than one shelf would be appreciated as well...