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" "I'm not suggesting 'throwing it away,' Father. I'm only suggesting . . . peeling it back a little for the people trying to coordinate and carry out critical operations. And I agree with you that we shouldn't fix things that aren't broken, as a general rule. Unfortunately, I think there's a possibility that it is broken or, at least, sufficiently inefficient to be getting dangerous in this regard," Benjamin pointed out respectfully but firmly, and Albrecht grimaced at the validity of the qualification. It was entirely possible Benjamin tiffany outlet was right, after all. The problem with a conspiracy christian louboutin outlet embracing a multi-century schedule, he reflected, was that nobody, however gifted at skulduggery and paranoia they might be, could operate on that scale for that long without having the occasional Hermes birkin operational faux pas stray into sight.
So the approach which tiffany and co outlet had been adopted christian louboutin discount by the Mesan Alignment all those centuries ago christian louboutin shoes had been to establish what one of Albrecht's direct ancestors had christened the "onion strategy." So far as the galaxy at large was aware, the planet Mesa was simply an outlaw world, home to ruthless and corrupt corporations from throughout the Solarian League's huge volume. Not a member of the League itself, Mesa nonetheless had lucrative contacts with many League worlds, tiffany & co outlet which protected it and its "outlaw" owners from Solarian intervention. And, of course, Hermes kelly the worst of the outlaws in question was none other than Manpower Incorporated, the galaxy's leading producer of genetic slaves, Hermes outlet which had been founded by Leonard Detweiler the better part of six hundred T-years before.
There were others, some of them equally disreputable and "evil" by other peoples' standards, but Manpower was clearly the standardbearer for Mesa's incredibly wealthy and thoroughly corrupt elite. And Manpower, equally clearly, was ruthlessly determined to protect its economic interests at any cost. Any and all of its political contacts, objectives, and tiffany jewelry outlet strategies were obviously subordinated to that purpose. Which was where the "onion" came in. Although Albrecht himself had often thought it would have been more appropriate to describe Manpower as the stage magician's left hand, moving in dramatic Hermes bags passes to fix the audience's attention upon it while his right hand performed the critical Hermes bags outlet manipulation the Alignment wanted no one christian louboutin sale else to notice.