kava kava
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hello all, i was thinking about buying some kava as a way to chill out sometimes and wondering if anyone has ever tried it.  if so, what did yall think and were there any sort of side effects? just wondering


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All it ever did for me was make me feel sort of relaxed.

Benedryl has worked better.

But I took it lower doses.

Ot might be better in high doese. Islanders swear by it.

It is suppose to really be hard on your liver in higher doses though.

Worse than alcohol.

If yoru just lookin got be relaxed..Valerian ism good, too.

If you're looking for a legal potlike relaxatiion and you find one  let me know!

I have even tried Salva Divinorum (which is also illegal now days in the USA, I hear) but it sucked. WEAK.(but it did give everything a pretty violet aura)

I heard smoking dried Banana peels is fun. (Mellow Yellow)

I tried it long ago..a weak high andvery harsh smoke.

There's always "whip it's" (nitrus hits from whip cream) or huffing white out..but these might kill you.or cause serious brain damage



If anyone knows of a, as yet, legal high..please post it(poppy seeds?)

For me..a Benedryl and beer will knock me right out..half a Benedryl is good for anxiwety..as is Valerian

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Valerian is nice too, use them interchangeably...when one stops working, use the other (just plug your nose when you swallow the pill, they are "stinky.")

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Rhubarb roots, lavender, burdock root, banana peel, hops and something else (the last two are the drug part I think) and it is quite good apparently.


It had a flower in it as well. I’m going from memory, there was a t.v program a few years back about Victorian drugs


Don’t use much of the rhubarb roots though; it makes syrup of figs look mild.Laughing