What are y'all listen to? (version 3.0)
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Yes I thought I set this up once again. Laughing


one moon walking bird:




four gods: (jason at 2:30)Yell



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The voices in my head.

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Alexander Soundtrack : Chant



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Sympathy for the Devil - Janes Addiction




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Creedence Clearwater Revival  - Fortunate Son.

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Metallica - Escape

All I’ve got is Metallica because I had to wipe my P.C and I’ve only had time to download them. Still, I’m not complaining. Once I’ve got all there albums on I’ll do Motorhead, Megadeth, Hammerfall, Iron Maiden and Bowling for soup. I had all the Megadeth and Hammerfall albums. Not happy I lost them.Yell

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Metallica: Devil's Dance only 50% faster.Laughing james starts singing at 0:46 ish. i love the bit at 1:20.Laughing



and then Battery.



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The theme music to super martian robot girl on Yo gabba gabba.

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Sunna - I`m not Trading ( UNKLE remix )



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Travelling Riverside Blues - Led Zeppelin


I can never get tired of this song ... best of the best of the best ...




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He makes a cute gal...


(ph wait..he's suppose to be Brett Micheal)

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Liverpool v. Chelsea.

If I turn around, I'm watching it, as well.

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Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now.




I would love to have been able to queen live. Cry

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Queen - I Want to Break Free




I live the bit in the more info: Did this video kill Queen in America?Laughing