The Masters
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They are off and running in Augusta, how I wish I could be there. I know a few people who have made the trip and do so every year, sadly I've never beenCry Golf is the greatest of games, easy to play, impossible to master, no pun intended.


Just based on early action is seems as if it isn't playing too very difficult at present but that can change in an instant. Ross Fisher has the early lead at - 4 which includes a bogie to go along with 5 birdies thru 11 holes, not bad scoring. He's either hitting it close or making everything. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that he's chipped in and made some decent par puts.


Billy Mayfair on the other hand has had the wheels come off, he's + 8 thru 12. I hope he isn't having health issues but it's possible.


For you Phil fans, lefty started this years Tournament with a bogie as did the Big Easy but there's along long way to go. The weather looks as if nice and warmer. Maybe Billy can give an update since he's near by but I wouldn't be surprised if he's not holed up at his favorite fishing spot.Laughing



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It's today, isn't it!!!


Thanks for the reminder...

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You're Welcome. It's there for the taking today if you can say such a thing about Augusta Nat'l. Currently there are 26 players under par so the set up must lean toward the easy side. Tiger, if he putts well will probably eat it up. I base that on a 73 year old, Gary Player, being just + 3 thru 12 and several journeymen being under par. The Shark is 54 yrs old and he's - 2 thru 10.


I predict someone will shoot 66 today and 65 is a real possibility. If Woods can shoot 68 or better he'll end up winning by 4-5 shots. It's been awhile since he's broken par in the first round at the Masters. If he shoots even today he'll be in trouble barring a very windy week-end.