SRO here
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They wouldn't let me keep SRO, but that's ok. It was a [i]waaay[/i] outdated name anyway.

Yeah, bugs aside it is looking pretty spiffy. :)

First thing I noticed: No more BBCode emoticons?

Second thing, everytime I hit enter it brings me up to a point in the page where the lowest point I can see is the lowest point I have put text.

Have fun with the debugging process. That can be a blast. ;)

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last bar on the right SROWink.

I take it you're using FireFox?

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Yeah, it's java. I have to actually click on the button now. :(

Whereas before I was used to just using the BBCode shortcuts.

Not a big deal, but I'm not using java based smileys, I'll just use the old shortcuts. You'll all know what I mean. :D

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Hey SRO! Glad ya made it! I just re-upped myself  Cool So your new nick is Tairaa...okay...still SRO to me but I'll get use to it Laughing

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Eh, you can call me SRO if you want, your name has to be 4 characters or more, so I couldn't use SRO. :)

How are you doing?