Personal ghost stories...
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Anybody have any?


I will start.

I've actually got a cache of them (I've had a-lot of crazy shite happen..why I come to places like this)..but this one is a favorite...


MANY years ago I worked in a nursing home in Oneida, New York (on the off chance anybody knows that was the old extended care facility..not the newer one..the old building right in the middle of town)


The place I worked use to be the city's hospital. It's an old building.




I had worked there for about a year. I was a night nurse (CNA..hated it)

One of the janitors had always told me the place was haunted but I hadn't had anything happen to me.

Then, for some reason once autumn hit..for like a got REALLY haunted.

It started one night.

I heard an old woman crying out for help. I thought maybe one of the residents had a bad dream or something.

I ran around looking to see who was crying out..but everyone was alseep. matter where I was at the voice seemed sort the other room.

It was weird.

I felt helpless..watning to help thsi poor lady..but not being able to find her.

Then about a week later..

I was on coffeee break with other nurses..we were sitting there in the lounge chit chatting.

All of a sudden I saw a shadow start flicking about amongst us.

No one reacted to it, so I thought I was the only one seeing it.

I ignored it. because I didn't want the others to think I was "weird"

Then, suddenly the head nurse goes, "Is anybody else seeing the shadow?"

I burst out laughing and said, "You see it, too?!"

The others couldn't see it. After we had pointed it out it stopped happening.

I told them what had happened to me the week before..they seemed I let it go.

THEN..a few more nights later..

I was on rounds (we did rounds every two hours..bed check..diaper changes..etc..)

I was in the bathroom washing my hands..then I turned off the water and switched off the light to go back into the patient's room.

 Suddenly..the light comes back on and the water turns back on.

I was like.."Huh?"

I turned off the water again and turned to switch off the light again, but before I could..the water came back on again.

I giggled, nervously.

Then I turned it off AGAIN and watched it as it slowly turned back on. (saw the knob slowly turn and everything..very cool)

I whispered to the air aorund me (didn't want the other nurses to hear)

"Look..I have to do rounds..I don't have time for this..Go to the light..Go to God"

It didn't happen again and I completed my rounds.


When I told the ohter nurses what had happened they looked at me like I was eithe rnuts or full of shite (or both)


So I let it drop.


Nothing else happened..guess whoever it was realized it wasn't spooking it gave up..that or the "magic month' was over(some hauntings are cyclical)


cool huh?

(I've actually been "abducted by aliens" too..but that's another story for another time and another section)