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Good Afternoon Everyone,


I am a new member to The Black Vault, and I am also a Screenwriter and Producer. I have completed the first 7 parts of an 8 part feature film series and I am seeking the funding to produce the first part.  Elements of the series are ripped straight from the pages of UFO researchers and conspiracy theorists.  What ever your worldview may be today, I guarantee that you won't be the same tomorrow.  I will be posting the first script online soon and all the proceeds from sales will go to the production of the film.


Anyway, that's basically me.  I have had an affinity to UFOs and various controversial subjects surrounding them,  I have dedicated the last three years of my life writing this series, utilizing information that can be found on just about any website about UFOs and Conspiracies, as well as from information that can be found in most libraries around the world.


We, as a civilization, are faced with a very grave future if humanity doesn't wake up.  Though my sci-fi/action/adventure series is a work of fiction, it is laced throughout with elements of fact and record.


I look forward to my time with you.


The Rider

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Welcome,  I look forward to reading some of your stuff.