Man who died at G20 said hit by cops
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Man who died at G20 said hit by cops

Published: April 6, 2009 at 12:16 PM

LONDON, April 6 (UPI) -- A British man who died last week amid protests of the Group of 20 economic summit in London was hit by police with a baton, witnesses say.

An official examination found that Ian Tomlinson, 47, who was not taking part in the protests, died of natural causes Wednesday after suddenly collapsing while demonstrators crowded near the Bank of England in the City of London financial district. But witnesses claim Tomlinson struck his head after being pushed from behind and was struck by a police baton, The Times of London reported Monday.

The newspaper said investigators from the Independent Police Complaints Commission were set to look out media photographs of Tomlinson's death and would issue a call for any more images that may exist.

"I saw a riot police officer rushing towards him from behind and grabbing hold of him from behind and charging with him," photographer Anna Branthwaite told The Times. "He (the officer) grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and used his own body to propel him forward."

Another unnamed witness told the newspaper that Tomlinson was pushed from behind and fell forward on his head.

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It was military police tactics used by the police that day. It was disgrace quite honestly.Embarassed

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So has anyone said that there was clear blunt trauma to his head that could have been caused by a baton?

Or is it just... you know, "We think etc. etc."?

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No a thing. At the moment they’re looking into it. They’re chargen the copper when they find him.


You can’t move in London with out it being on tape but I bet they can’t find the right tape to find the copper.

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I just love the way the people were all unarmed but the cops were armed to the teeth.  Weren't there pictures of cops with guns?  That should be very illegal. 

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He wasn't hit with a baton, he was shoved to the ground and later suffered a heart attack.



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I just love the way the people were all unarmed but the cops were armed to the teeth.  Weren't there pictures of cops with guns?  That should be very illegal. 


So is your solution during an angry protest, for the cops to stay away?  Or, is it ok that they are there, but, they should disarm?


I'm not sure I understand why it's a problem for police to be armed.


In what way were they "armed to the teeth?"  Are you saying they were equipped with much more weaponry than normal?  Or were they just street cops carrying standard issue weapons they use all the time?


It's sad when anyone dies, but this story is way overblown.  Investigation is called for but it shouldn't last long.  Anyone staging an angry protest in the city where a bunch of world leaders are having a meeting, should expect at the very least to possibly get shoved.  Big deal.

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FYI the title is very misleading.  The man that got shoved didn't say he was hit by the cops.  Proper wording would be "Man who died at G20 said to have been hit by cops"


Oh well, seems like a minor technicality but the headline again is worded wrong and knowing the media, it was intentional.  Obviously if the man himself was running around telling people the cops hit him, and then he died of a "heart attack" it would be a different story entirely.

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The English aren’t like anyone else when it comes to protest. We aren’t violent at all, hell if anything happens at a football match most of the time the police ask a few to stop and they do, unlike in Europe where they have the army policing at big games (I’m not joking).


The only time we get violent is when the police are armed.


The little shit who push him wouldn’t have done that if he were in the main protest area; that would have been the end of him and his friends.


The role of the police in the UK is to serve (hence no guns), if you’re a pregnant woman you can demand the copper take his hat off to piss in (yet again not kidding), unfortunately they forget that some times and that is when it gets nasty.


Doggy. Our police aren’t allowed to carry any thing apart from a truncheon and he wasn’t protesting he was coming home from work.


Nothing would have happened at all if the police were unarmed, this is just Jacqie Smith doing overtime.


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G20 death officer to be quizzed



IPCC is the Independent Police Complaints Commission.


The video appears to show newspaper vendor Mr Tomlinson, who was going home from work and not protesting, walking away from a group of police officers.


Should be hung. Plain and simple.


My game of hangman would be fun around about now.




1). Assault with intention to cause harm


2). Abuse of powers


3). Manslaughter.


4). Unnecessary use of force.

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Video of it.


How the crowd didn’t turn on them is beyond me. There was no need for that shove and the crowd wouldn’t have liked it at all.


Yes you do, because at the point shown in this video it was not yet a riot, just a peaceful protest with a small police presence. The police had no right to do that, the man was quite clearly detached from the bulk of the crowd, and posed no threat what-so-ever. Fu**ing police: P***y hole muppets who got bullied at school, elevated to a position of authority because of they're uniform. Hate them.



One of the comments.




More videos:


They were protesting happily causing no trouble then the police come in, I don’t know why because they know if they were to stand back nothing would have happened.

Him at the 2:01 mark and at 3:09 the bloke in the mustard-yellow thing at the back (not the coppers just the fellow)