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happy days i finly got through. it's gone through on Firefox Smile strangley i didn't expect it to go through on FF because it's a bastard of a Browser to write for.

a bit of the code it showing, given the fact it only shows in FF i'll say it a <div> that hasen't been closed.

You Can't cut and Paste in FF though.

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I always rather enjoyed writing for FF actually. It has an built in HTML editor. The syntax is all organized by colour, it tells you when you've got an open tag etc. It sucks to post an update to a page to find that 90% of it is italisized (sp) and go back and find out where you had wanted to close the </i> tag. :P

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I normally use FrontPage. and in that it's very hard to write for FF.

I downloaded D-W of the internet a few months ago (got to love P2PsWink) and it was so much harder to use than Frontpage.

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[code] [/code]

Damnit, I can't use any BBCodes?