Knocking out the lies
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I have been busy cutting through some disinformation. I used the reflective chemtrail powder in the sky for a screen and projected images on it. It was crude but, it showed some 3D effect even so. So let's see you can shake a projector on the sky like you can shake a flashlight on the wall and get crazy patterns like the ones recently photographed in the sky. You can turn the projector of and the craft will suddenly disappear. You can swing a projector and get speeds no real craft can achieve. You can create mass sitings. You can completely disinform the public and cause general chaos for people trying to sort out real data. Who is going through this much trouble to hide real information. That's right people there is an agenda here, this is a campaign to destroy real data and make researchers look like they have no credibility at all. I have been chopping the numbers and they evaporated to 15%. That is within the realm of estimation it may be off a little. Of the 15% that are probably real sitings over half of these are probably exotic top secret craft. We probably loose 1% to crackpots. That still leaves room for UFOs to be a reality.

Because the atmospheric spray does not have a solid reflective surface I imagine the projection can be made from space as well. I'm not certain but it looks like it. Someone has put a lot of time and money in this to screw the person on the ground.

The poll asks about ET technology. What's wrong with our technology. Disinformation campaigns have been running on scientists world wide. I want to bring up the statement we now have the technology to take ET home. If the poll would have asked interstellar craft I would have answered yes. They are hiding all kinds of scientific and technological advancements from us. Guess who had Einstein on the payroll. Look at the new theories popping up because the unified theory doesn't work. The only champions of unified theory left are brain dead parrots. Oh, and the big bang that they are touting as scientific law now, ask them were the energy for this big bang came from. They don't like intelligent questions.

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Rab - Theory: a coherent group of general propositions used as principles of explanation for a class of phenomena: Let's hope champions of unified theories are brain dead, because until a theory is turned into a 'law', it should have flaws, else there's no sense in researching the theory.


Scientific Law - a phenomenon of nature that has been proven to invariably occur whenever certain conditions exist or are met. Moore's law is a good example.


Roswell, UFO's in general probably all fall into a category of plausible deniability. It’s "Plausible" to the general public that these things don’t exist, and the government doesn't know anything. Since the government compartmentalizes most data, it's plausible the upper echelon (executive branch) doesn't have a clue, and wouldn't be told anyway.