Ghost Hunters/Paranormal State
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Anybody here watch Ghost Hunters or Paranormal State?


I love those shows.


They do a-lot of EVP stuff.

I am really interested in that but would never do it myself..not deliberately.

If I picked somethign up, especially in my ownhouse. I'd be totally freaked.


And I say this having had expereinces with what I think were ghosts

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yes I actual enjoy watching paranormal state quite a bit they have a lot of interesting techniques that they use to determine the possibility of paranormal phenomena.  I would definately suggest trying an EVP sometime though you may get some interesting results.  All you'd have to do is but a digital recorder with USB connection and an audio program that has a white noise setting and your set.  I would say do it in someone elses house though or an old house cause if you tried it in your house and got results you may not sleep again lol.  Things like EVPs are usually harmless though so you shouldnt have anything to worry about, give it a shot lol.