Fantasia Grey-alien abduction film
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You can read more about this film project here:


Steve Neill

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fantasia grey bammerI






I want to thank everyone that has visited the site. the hit counts have been high since I posted here. And the nice emails I have been getting about this film. Keep in mind I'm not a Hollywood type exploiting the phenomenon but some who has worked closely in the field for years.


I have worked on countless programs on the subject. I have worked and closely with Whitley Strieber, Roger Leir and even John Greenewald. I plane to to justice to the subject in the past as I have alway with my art.


To learn a bit more about my past also visit my personal web site: and my current on line movie:


Thanks a gain for the support people,


Steve Neill



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I vouch, Steve is one of the best I've worked with -- both as a creative genius but as a very cool guy!  I am looking forward to seeing it!



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Thanks John for the kind words.


It will in some cases be quite disturbing. Like the actual experience.



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Nice site can't wait to see the film !!!

when I was 9 something told me to look out my bedroom window it was day lite and there were three other people there I saw a ship hovering over a telephone pole across the street from there we ran out the back of the house to go around front it was by this time over our neighbors roof top not even a foot it watched us and we just stood there in aww my mother went over climbed the fence to reach up to it and well I have been a believer ever since (Can't wait to see the film )needless to say I have seen them periodically thru my life time good luck with the film too 


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Thanks for the post LadyRed. Your story is all too familiar. All you had to say was,"something told me to go to the window". So many times here. Too many. The age, the witnesses and the family. All there.


Not to take away from John's forum here but as an addition too I created a forum at just for close encounter experienecers. This is a safe haven for them to tell their stories and lift the weight that for many can never be done among there friends and families.


Back to work here. I will be posting behind the scenes frame grabs of the work I'm doing on FG later this weekend and I'm hopping to have the first trailer on line next week.


Thanks again,


Steve Neill