Did Aliens Build the Great Pyramid?
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I just wanted to christen the new BV.  Hey, I'm first!  Yeaaaaah!  I've never been first at anything.  Cool! Cool

Having read a good number of things about the pyramids at Giza and the Great Pyramid in particular, I have come up with a theory.  It may not be completely original.  Others have suggested something similar, but I have what I think is a new angle.

Just some basic background for the unfamiliar.

Point 1: The Great Pyramid is the only building in ancient Egypt, classified as a tomb, that does not have any hieroglyphic paintings inside.  This is VERY odd, especially when you consider the time and effort spent creating the darn thing, why give up at the last XXX-ing gasp?  And the painters were specialists (artists), they would have had nothing to do waiting for the pyramid to be built so they weren't busy with some other part of the construction.  Side note: The Egyptians never put mummies in pyramids.  There is one small exception but that exception is easily explained.

Point 2: The precision used in creating the Great Pyramid is nothing less than astounding.  You may have heard some things on tv shows but they don't even scratch the surface.  There are accuracy features in the GP that we could not duplicate today even with computers, lasers and hydrosonic cutting tools.

Point 3: The GP physically appears to be much older than the other 2 pyramids at Giza despite supposedly being built last.  Other aspects of the GP indicate a much earlier date of construction.

Point 4: The shafts built into the pyramid, so called "air shafts", were VERY difficult to construct.  Really, really difficult.  The builders did not put them there for kicks.  They have complex angles in them that had to be carved out of every stone along their path at odd angles.  Why go to so much trouble just for air?  One answer proposed by Christopher Dunne, and later others, indicates that these shafts aligned with certain stars.  But the alignment takes place at 10,500 b.c. long before the GP was supposedly built.

Point 5: Christopher Dunne, a professional engineer and materials specialist, spent years investigating the GP.  He did all kinds of experiments including ultrasound and he found some very odd things about the GP.  He also discovered information about the missing pieces of the pyramid that were removed long ago.  These pieces make no sense what-so-ever unless you realize that the GP was a machine, not just a building.  Dunne proposed in his book, "The Giza Power Plant", that the GP was a microwave beam generator.  He even figured out how it worked.  The GP was hyper-coupled to the vibration of the earth and took advantage of piezo-electric effect of the granite stone.  Numerous aspects of the design of the pyramid make no sense at all until you come upon this idea and then they make perfect sense.

Point 6: The so-called sarcophagus in the King's chamber bears little resemblance to any other sarcophagus.  Its the wrong size and shape.  And the corner that was damaged appears to have been caused by an explosion, and what happened to the lid?  The king's chamber walls appear to be chemically burnt and even smell, and taste, like the chemicals needed to create the proposed machine.

Now my theory.  If you look at what the "air shafts" line up with and when they line up you find something interesting.  One of the shafts, the "output" shaft, points directly at Alnitak (Zeta Orionis) in Orion's belt, a very important cellestial place for the Egyptians.  If you take a gander at that region of space, say in Google Earth, you find a region racked with dying stars and at least one or two that have exploded.  If anybody lived there, they don't anymore.  The question is, when did that occur?  Could it be that a race of people living on a planet near Zeta Orionis realized their star or a nearby one was dying, and they needed to find a new home?  Did they send out scouts across the galaxy to find a new planet?  Did they come to Earth?  The GP also points at another star more or less opposite of Zeta Orionis.  Was that the new home planet they found?

Was the great Pyramid microwave beam generator used a navigational beacon for these aliens migrating their entire planet to a new home?  Was Earth merely a waypoint along the path from Zeta Orionis to the new home world?  Was it they who built the Great Pyramid?  Did the Egyptians simply copy them in creating their own pyramids?  Was the sphynx a warning for Humans to keep away?

Is the Dogon story actually true and does it fit along with this theory?  I think it does.  One of the shafts points to Sirius.  And it explains how the idea of pyramid building made its way around planet earth to almost every civilization.  The aliens explored Earth before they left.  My guess is that Earth was not compatible enough for them and they found a better home.

And lastly, did these aliens ever come back and visit Earth?

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You are not far off the beaten track, and it is quite possible that the Ancient Egyptian gods will be returning to Earth in a very short period of time... perhaps within the next three to five years.  Who knows...?