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This link thing while using FireFox is a real pain in the butt. I can cut and paste at will via keyboard but when I do the same with the url link to the content this site refuses to acknowledge it, it kicks it, or simply drops it. Pastes it but blocks the link. This is a site specific issue, not a browser issues, otherwise FF users would find similar results on other sites.


I've noticed that the buttons ( cut , paste ) have a new direction/info for FF users. Further the built in spell check, or when enabled, works on occasion, sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't.


Can anyone advise or help other than re-formatting the settings. I'm not interested in a re-format of my browser for personal security reasons. I'll not touch any MSFT product for usage of any kind other than the platform itself. Too many holes.!





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I hate using IE because of all the spyware that comes in....garbage....which is why I like should be "workable" with not going into DOs to set up perameters I don't comprehend...

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Everything works nicely on Safari.