Blimey, its all a bit new innit!
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Hi All...*waves into the inky darkness*


Gonna take me some time to find my way around, but looks promising.


This is gonna sound real dumb, but I don't seem to be able to discover how to post an avatar or signature...any ideas?



icewhale (...arrgh no green man smiley!)

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hi Ice whale


go into My account (you're account not mine thank youLaughing) click on where the Photo is (the grey head) then click browse (if the photo is on your P.C, if it isn't save it onto it) then click `make primary`.


then it all done.Laughing

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everything seems to work well (as you would expect orca to) - except for music uploads and the 'activation' email wasn't required yet

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I was able to post a song alright.

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No I wasn't. sorry.



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sorry i was but it is now pending. what is is pending is beyond me.Laughing

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Thanks Lash...I've got to refine the avatar, but at least I now know how to post it up.Cool


Anyone else wish this had the old smileys?




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Yeah these new ones are a bit ay cartoon like.