The 2008 Election - and the Obama Administration
Obama SUCKS A LOT[L[created by Jaack 1978 days ago]] · [L[last reply by Lashmar 1972 days ago]]This is the worst presidency in American History and the most embarasing.  from bowing to kings to letting brain dead Kennedy...
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Candidate Obama vs. President Obama[L[created by Nesaie 1973 days ago]] · [L[last reply by Dark-Samus 1972 days ago]]
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Obama Chooses Religiously Biased Judge[L[created by msdog_fortrans 1973 days ago]] · [L[last reply by Dark-Samus 1972 days ago]]Obama's very first choice in the Judicial Branch should raise an eyebrow or two.   7th Circuit nominee David ...
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Obamaisms Gaffes by the Idiot in chief[L[created by Jaack 1973 days ago]] · [L[last reply by Jaack 1973 days ago]]Here's the search on YouTube
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Barney Frank Goes Nutzoid[L[created by msdog_fortrans 1974 days ago]] · [L[last reply by msdog_fortrans 1974 days ago]]http://www.m...
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