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What It Means to be Human[L[created by starman 1968 days ago]] · [L[last reply by kab3120 1927 days ago]] Moore's Law states, basically, that computer power will double every 18-24 months. When...
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Why I'm right and you're wrong.[L[created by mrshumphreys 1969 days ago]] · [L[last reply by Questioner101 1962 days ago]]No seriously, I think we're going to need this topic once everyone moves over to the new forums. Now when we're all f...
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The Pope prays for Italy's Earthquake Victims[L[created by Questioner101 1965 days ago]] · [L[last reply by Dark-Samus 1963 days ago]]
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Very Superstitious[L[created by starman 1963 days ago]] · [L[last reply by Halfabo 1963 days ago]]  It's bad luck to walk under a ladder. This came from the early Christian belief t...
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Religion and human rights[L[created by starman 1966 days ago]] · [L[last reply by starman 1963 days ago]]
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