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Ghost Hunters/Paranormal State[L[created by bionic 1961 days ago]] · [L[last reply by darkharbinger 1960 days ago]]Anybody here watch Ghost Hunters or Paranormal State?   I love those shows.   They do a-lot o...
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Personal ghost stories...[L[created by bionic 1961 days ago]] · [L[last reply by bionic 1961 days ago]]Anybody have any?   I will start. I've actually got a cache of them (I've had a-lot of crazy shite ha...
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love this forum[L[created by darkharbinger 1966 days ago]] · [L[last reply by Mr_Headshot 1961 days ago]]this is my favorite forum, very big fan of the paranormal and occult so hope to get on some exciting topics.
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ufo's are new age nonsense?[L[created by esoterica 1965 days ago]] · [L[last reply by mrshumphreys 1963 days ago]]i went to the mall the other day (yes i actually left home physically - had to go to the 'warehouse discount' grocery store s...
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