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"Remembrances of VENONA"
by Mr. William P. Crowell

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Included are select images associated with the VENONA project. These were taken from the VENONA Historical Guide #5.

  • Cover of Release 5 History Monograph
  • Joan Malone Callahan with Dr. Louis Tordella
    The first U.S. VENONA analyst/linguist to serve at GCHQ 1949-1954. She became project supervisor and principal customer interface in 1954 when Meredith Gardner replaced her in the U.K.
  • Arlington Hall Bowling Team of cryptanalysts ca. 1947
    Standing (left to right): Cecil Phillips, Bill Lutwiniak, Paul Derthick. Below: (left to right) Frank Louis, Louise Derthick. (all except Louise at some time worked on VENONA-related problems.)
  • Charles Condray
    The principal linguist/code builder on Trade and Diplomatic codes for more than twenty-five years. He supervised the total VENONA-related project in the later years.
  • Gene Grabeel
    She began work on Soviet diplomatic messages on 1 Feb 1943 and continued working the problem until the late 1970s.
  • Gloria Forbes
    She began processing Soviet Diplomatic messages in mid-1943 and continued to supervise this and related activities for almost thirty years.

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