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In an effort for my own organization, but to also speed up my replies to you, I have created this online communication center.  Due to the massive amount of email that comes in to The Black Vault on a daily basis, this center was setup to easily communicate.  Please know it is only me that runs The Black Vault, so it's hard to handle the volume of mail - but I love to hear from you.

Whether you have a question, want to offer some feedback, have a UFO sighting you'd like to submit, or are interested in an interview with a media request - this is the place to reach me.

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This communication system was setup to help me keep track of all the mail that comes in to The Black Vault. Whether you just have a comment, want to submit a sighting, have a question, or need help with the website -- this is the place to reach out and I will get back to you ASAP!

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At any time, you can login and see my response(s) to your email(s). They are stored here as "tickets" wherein you can always add or view them at any time!

This is a very powerful tool for me to keep track and communicate...

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