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My Letter to Stanton Friedman.....................
February 8, 2015
1:25 am
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January 28, 2015
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Hello Mr. Friedman:

I hope your recovery is going well. I saw a recent YouTube video of you and you hinted to the interviewer that you were considering retirement and then you stated that you felt that you were not as “sharp” as you once where. You cannot retire because there are so many more battles to be fought. Thank you for the PROJECT SERPO paper you e-mailed to me. I found it very interesting.

I am not as well connected as you are in trying to uncover the truth concerning UFO’s and other worldly events. I read a lot and I try use deductive reasoning to understand what is going on. This brings me to something that I have found interesting.

The Linus Pauling Institute is located on the campus of Oregon State University. About seven years ago I contacted an individual at LPI. This individual is somewhat high on the food chain. Matter of fact he knew and worked with Linus Pauling when the institute was located in Palo Alto, CA, near Stanford University. I asked this individual if he knew any attempt to reactivate the gene for the synthesis of ascorbic acid in humans. I am going on the assumption that he is well dialed into research concerning micronutrients. He said he has not heard of any such project. A few months ago I found an abstract stating that attempts are being made to reactivate this enzyme for the synthesis of ascorbic acid. I sent him the abstract and asked him if he knew about this research. I have yet to receive an answer.

Restoration of vitamin C synthesis in transgenic Gulo-/- mice by helper-dependent adenovirus-based expression of gulonolactone oxidase.

Li Y1, Shi CX, Mossman KL, Rosenfeld J, Boo YC, Schellhorn HE.

Inability to synthesize vitamin C, because of a deficiency in gulonolactone oxidase (GULO) expression, is a genetic deficiency shared by a small number of animals including humans. Although the most overt symptom of vitamin C deficiency, scurvy, can be readily corrected by modest consumption of vitamin C, there is increasing interest in the effect of high-level administration in treating human disease. Using a previously derived Gulo-expressing vector, which produces murine GULO under the control of the murine cytomegalovirus (mCMV) promoter, we constructed and validated a recombinant helper-dependent adenovirus (HDAd-mCMV-Gulo) that can be used to correct this genetic defect. A human liver cell line (Hep G2) infected with the HDAd-mCMV-Gulo vector expressed GULO in a time- and gene dose-dependent manner. These cells also produced ascorbic acid when exogenous gulonolactone was supplemented in the medium. Likewise, Gulo(-/-) mice treated with HDAd-mCMV-Gulo at 2 x 10(11) VP expressed GULO in the liver and produced ascorbic acid. Serum ascorbic acid concentrations in Gulo(-/-) mice injected with GULO-expressing HDAd were elevated to levels comparable to those of wild-type mice (62 +/- 15 microM) after 4 days of infection and were maintained at significantly higher levels compared with those in untreated Gulo(-/-) mice for at least 23 days. A similar elevation was observed in urine and tissue ascorbic acid concentrations in vector-treated animals. In conclusion, we demonstrate here that gene therapeutic HDAd-mCMV-Gulo vectors can mediate the expression of GULO and endogenous production of ascorbic acid in human cells and in Gulo(-/-) transgenic mice. Taken together, these data show that a gene therapy approach can be successfully employed in the treatment and further study of vitamin C deficiency in scurvy-prone mammals.
PMID: 18764764 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

This brings me to PROJECT SERPO from what I have read those humans who went to the Zeta Reticulum double star system two died and about four remained there. What I find interesting is that those who returned to Earth were very sick according to the account; they exhibited symptoms of radiation poisoning. Do you know Mr. Friedman that they are using ascorbic acid/vitamin C to treat those exposed to radiation poisoning and having success at the Fukushima power plant in Japan?

Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, May 14, 2012
Fukushima Radiation Release is Worse than You Have Been Told

What You Can Do to Protect Yourself
by Steve Hickey, PhD; Atsuo Yanagisawa, MD, PhD; Andrew W. Saul, PhD; Gert E. Schuitemaker, PhD; Damien Downing, MD

(OMNS May 14, 2012) People have been misinformed about the tragedy at Fukushima and its consequences. There is a continuing cover up, the reactors have not been stabilized, and radiation continues to be released. The Japanese College of Intravenous Therapy (JCIT) has recently released a video for people wishing to learn more about how to protect themselves from contamination by taking large doses of vitamin C.

Japanese Government Minimizes Danger; Ignores Vitamin C
In the fall of 2011, JCIT presented a study that Fukushima workers had abnormality gene expression, which may be avoided using dietary antioxidants, especially vitamin C. The data was presented in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea. The JCIT sent letters to the government urging the government to tell the people how they may protect themselves from radiation. To date, the recommendation has been ignored by Japanese government and TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company).

Linus Pauling gained the Nobel Peace Prize in part based on his calculations of the number of deaths from nuclear weapons fallout.[1] He was supported by physicist and father of the Soviet bomb Andrei Sakharov, who also later received the Nobel Prize for peace.[2] These and other scientists estimated that there would be an extra 10,000 deaths worldwide for each megaton nuclear test in the atmosphere. A nuclear reactor can contain much more radioactive material than a nuclear weapon. Fukushima had six reactors, plus stored additional radioactive material and nuclear waste.

How Radiation Damages Cells
Ionizing radiation acts to damage living tissue by forming free radicals. Essentially, electrons are ripped from molecules. Removing an electron from an atom or molecule turns it into an ion, hence the term ionizing radiation. X-rays, gamma rays, alpha- and beta-radiation are all ionizing.

Most of the damage occurs from ionizing radiation generating free radicals in water, as water molecules are by far the most abundant in the body. While avoiding unnecessary exposure to ionizing radiation is clearly preferable, people affected by Fukushima do not have the luxury of avoiding contamination.

Antioxidants: Free-Radical Scavengers
Free-radical scavengers, as the name suggests, mop up the damaging radicals produced by radiation. The more common term for free radical scavenger is antioxidant. Antioxidants replace the electrons stripped from molecules by ionizing radiation. Antioxidants have long been used in the treatment of radiation poisoning.[3-7] Most of the harm from ionizing radiation occurs from free radical damage which may be quenched by the free electrons antioxidants provide. Fortunately, safe antioxidants are widely available as nutritional supplements. Vitamin C is the prime example.

Why Vitamin C?
Vitamin C is of particular importance and should be included at high intakes for anyone trying to minimize radiation poisoning. High dose vitamin C provides continual antioxidant flow through the body. It is absorbed from the gut and helps to replenish the other antioxidants. When it is used up, it is excreted in the urine. Importantly, it can chelate, or grab onto, radioactive heavy metal atoms and help eliminate them from the body. Large dynamic flow doses of vitamin C (about 3,000 mg, taken 4 times a day for a total of 12,000 mg) would exemplify antioxidant treatment. Higher doses have been used by Dr. Atsuo Yanagisawa and colleagues. [8,9]

Shortly after the disaster, Dr. Damien Downing described how supplements can help protect against radioactive fallout.[10] OMNS issued an update on the response to Fukushima in Japan.[11] Recently, Dr. Gert Schuitemaker has provided a review of vitamin C as a radio-protectant for Fukushima contamination.[12]

Persons living in the areas affected by radioactive contamination can take antioxidant supplements, especially high doses of vitamin C, to counteract the negative consequences of long-term low dose radiation exposure, as well as to protect the health of coming generations.[12,13] People who have a possible internal or external radiation exposure should take antioxidant supplements to maintain an optimal antioxidant reserve. Because of the enormous size and oceanic spread of Fukushima contamination, this literally applies to everyone.

"The International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine is pleased to have participated in the making of this important DVD on the protective effects of intravenous vitamin C on radiation exposure from the Fukushima nuclear plant in March 2011. We are in full support of the valuable work of Dr. Yanagisawa and his colleagues, and we very much appreciate the commitment of Mr. Daisuke Shibata, who has made it possible for the free distribution of the video around the world. May this orthomolecular message raise awareness and foster improvement in the treatment of radiation exposure."

Steven Carter
Director, International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine
1. The Nobel Foundation (1962) The Nobel Peace Prize 1962, Linus Pauling Biography, ... g-bio.html.
2. Sakharov A. (1975) The Nobel Peace Prize 1975, Andrei Sakharov, Autobiography, ... tobio.html.
3. Brown SL, Kolozsvary A, Liu J, et al: Antioxidant diet supplementation starting 24 hours after exposure reduces radiation lethality. Radiat Res, 2010; 173: 462-468.
4. Zueva NA, Metelitsa LA, Kovalenko AN, et al: Immunomodulating effect of berlithione in clean-up workers of the Chernobyl nuclear plant accident [Article in Russian]. Lik Sprava, 2002; (1): 24-26.
5. Yamamoto T, Kinoshita M et al. Pretreatment with ascorbic acid prevents lethal gastrointestinal syndrome in mice receiving a massive amount of radiation. J Radiat Res (Tokyo) 2010; 51(2):145-56
6. Gaby A. Intravenous Nutrient Therapy: the "Myers' Cocktail". Alt Med Rev 2002; 7(5):389:403
7. Narra VR, Howell RW, Sastry KS, Rao DV. Vitamin C as a radioprotector against iodine-131 in vivo. J Nucl Med 1993; 34(4):637-40
8. Yanagisawa A. Orthomolecular approaches against radiation exposure. Presentation Orthomolecular Medicine Today Conference. Toronto 2011 )
9. Green MH, Lowe JE et al. Effect of diet and vitamin C on DNA strand breakage in freshly-isolated human white blood cells. Mutat Res 1994; 316(2):91-102
10. Downing D. (2011) Radioactive Fallout: Can Nutritional Supplements Help?, A Personal Viewpoint, OMNS, May 10, ... 7n04.shtml.
11. OMNS (2012) Vitamin C Prevents Radiation Damage, Nutritional Medicine in Japan, Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, February 1.
12. Schuitemaker GE. Vitamin C as protection against radiation exposure. J Orthomolecular Med 2011, 26: 3; 141-145. [Also in Dutch: Schuitemaker G.E. Radioactiviteit in Japan: Orthomoleculair antwoord. Ortho 2011:3, June. ]
13. Yanagisawa A, Uwabu M, Burkson BE, Weeks BS, Hunninghake R, Hickey S, Levy T, (2011) Environmental radioactivity and health. Official JCIT Statement, March 29. ... tement.pdf
Nutritional Medicine is Orthomolecular Medicine
Orthomolecular medicine uses safe, effective nutritional therapy to fight illness. For more information:

If the reports about PROJECT SERPO are accurate concerning those humans who went to the Zeta Reticulum double star system and were exposed to radiation. I cannot help but wonder if there are efforts being made to reactivate the L-gulonolcatone enzyme for the internal synthesis of ascorbic acid in humans who have been selected for deep space travel not just within our solar system but in systems that are light years away! If the researchers are successful (I believe in a short period of time they will be) in reactivating L-gulonolactone enzyme for reactivating the internal synthesis of ascorbic acid this will confirm Irwin Stones PhD prediction of the creation of a new sub-species of human called Homo Sapien Ascorbicus.

What I find astounding when viewing the Mars rover photographs is the amount of debris field type of photos. I have no proof of this but it seems to me that the rovers are not looking for life but they seem to surveying the land for possible colonization. Have you seen the recent YouTube photo of a humanoid shadow alongside a Mars rover? The future of deep space exploration will be done by a new sub-species of Homo Sapiens called Homo Sapien Ascorbicus. I wish them the best of luck!

Take Care,

February 9, 2015
7:42 am
Forum Posts: 186
Member Since:
November 17, 2013
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Stanton Friedman has been a contributor to this message forum under another name so perhaps he will read your letter here. When I post, I am careful to check by remote viewing just who started the topic and who or what they represent. I have stopped being surprised by who I have found writing here.

Project Serpo was part of the secret space program of the United States. The information about it was deliberately leaked from the Office of Naval Intelligence. It actually happened, but the account that has been published has much disinformation included in it. According to my source, JROD, who is now communicating with me again, the astronauts who returned to earth from Serpo were in perfect health. And the astronauts who remained on Serpo are still alive and in good health. They found a latitude where the temperature was suitable to them.

Serpo is unusual in that it has a figure eight orbit around two stars. The orbit crosses between the stars, and when the planet is between the stars there is never any night and the planet gets rather hot and uncomfortable. However, when it is at the outer ends of the orbit, it is cooler and both suns can be seen close together in the sky.

JROD also tells me that in the 1950s the Zetas, who represent the Galactic Federation, gave the US government plans for equipment that could neutralize atomic waste including plutonium. It can also be used to fix problems such as the Fukushima atomic disaster. They also provided a formula that will cure even extreme radiation poisoning in humans. According to JROD the US government has secretly manufactured these things which is one reason you do not hear much about atomic waste any longer. The US has finally sent some of this equipment to Japan to help them clean up that atomic mess.

When you can go out and see the universe, who wants to go look at a Russian submarine? (Melvin C. Riley, US Army Remote Viewer)

February 9, 2015
10:19 am
Forum Posts: 155
Member Since:
January 28, 2015
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Hello Taeko:

I am quite envious of your ability of remote viewing. I have so many questions to ask you. I hope we can establish a permanant dialogue between the two of us. May I ask a few questions?

1. Are you familiar with Linus Pauling?

2. Do you believe in the efficacy of Orthomolecular medicine?

** I personally believe that Orthomolecular medicine is very ancient and is practiced by advanced civilizations in the universe.

3. Was the L-gulonolactone oxidase enzyme (which produces ascorbic acid) deactivated in Homo Erectus for accelerated neural development?

4. Was this a natural occurance or was this a product of Directed Panspermia?

5. If the deactivation of the GLO enzyme was a product of Directed panspermia does your sources like JROD view this to be a problem for the Human Species?

6. If the do not view this as a problem may I ask why?

7. The human genome project was completed 10 0r 15 years ago. The project found 4000 and counting, defects in the human genome. Does this concern JROD?

Taeko, the point I am trying to make is that Homo Sapiens have not been designed very well because the natural progression of Human evolution has been tampered with. The late Abram Hoffer PhD, MD has stated that the ability of Homo Sapiens to synthesize Niacin (B3) is on an evolutionary decline. I am sure you know the ramifications of a Niacin deficiency.

Taeko, last question. In the 1930's when Claus Washington Jungeblut was curing polio with intravenous injections with ascobic acid was there some "otherworldly" influence preventing this knowledge from getting to President Roosevelt, a sitting president with polio?

The biochemical deficiencies of humans is not a concern of "mainstream medicine" and perhaps the major extra-terrestrial players. I hate to say this but we humans are an unstable species because of these deficiencies.

-Take Care-

February 9, 2015
10:08 pm
Forum Posts: 186
Member Since:
November 17, 2013
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I will give brief answers to your questions. 1. yes 2. Yes and I suggest everyone reading look up orthomolecular. 2** You are correct. 3. no 4. Most everything attributed to natural evolution by modern science is actually directed panspermia. 5&6. They do not consider it a problem, just be orthomolecular. 7. ET cannot find those defects and say that earth scientists are mistaken. Paragraph 8. Humans are designed very well but earth humans are outside their original environment which is aquatic. Paragraph 9. President Roosevelt had whatever medical treatment he wanted and did not use alternative treatments.

Thank you for your questions, and I can continue as long as you do not go too far from UFO and ET topics.

When you can go out and see the universe, who wants to go look at a Russian submarine? (Melvin C. Riley, US Army Remote Viewer)

February 10, 2015
2:23 am
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January 28, 2015
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Thank You for such a prompt reply. I guess it would be fair to say that you subscribe to Elaine Morgan's Acquatic Ape Hypothesis. I am a proponent of her hypothesis. I am very sorry to say that JROD or your other ET contacts may be mistaken when they do not consider the deactivation of the GLO enzyme which is instrumental in the internal synthesis of ascorbic acid in mammals not a problem ( I hope that I am not being spoofed!).

Actually, ascorbic acid is a liver metabolite produced in nearly all mammals in large daily amounts. Becasuse of a defective gene, Homo Sapiens are suffering from a mammalian genetic liver-enzyme disease, a true "inborn error of carbohydrate metabolism" named Hypoascorbemia. Scurvy is not a distinct disease entity but merely the final fatal sequealae of uncorrected Hypoascorbemia.

I think it might be wise for you to revaluate that accelerated neural growth in Homo Sapiens was attributed to the deactivation of the GLO enzyme. I will furnish you with an excerpt from my unpublished book "GET OFF YOUR KNEES"; A Prequel To Orthomolecular Medicine:

"I would imagine that if Linus Pauling and Irwin Stone were alive today they probably would not be surprised by the findings of Bruce Lahn’s research on the development of the human brain. Bruce Lahn is an assistant professor of human genetics at the University of Chicago and an investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

According to Professor Lahn the complexity of the human brain is not the result of a gradual evolution. He further states that humans are the only species on earth that have brains that are the result of an extraordinary accelerated evolution. I find the following quote from Professor Lahn fascinating, “simply put, evolution has been working very hard to produce us humans.” The obvious question to this quote is WHY!

"Bruce Lahn’s thought provoking research strongly suggests that humans evolved their cognitive abilities not to a few random and accidental mutations as is the usual way genetic changes are thought to occur. Professor Lahn’s research has revealed that there were an enormous number of mutations in a short period of time. It is thought that this intense selection process favored complex cognitive abilities. Mainstream biologists generally agree that humans evolved in much the same way as all other life forms on earth through a process of gradual evolution. Favorable mutations in genes from one generation to the next gave rise to new adaptations to primal man’s environment. Those individuals best adapted to their environment are more likely to survive and pass their DNA to the next generation. As a general rule after adjusting for body size, animal brains get bigger and more complex as the animals get bigger. The average size of the human brain does not correspond with the normal evolutionary trend. According to evolutionary biologists our human brain is disproportionately big, much bigger than even the brains of other non-human primates, including our closest relatives the Chimpanzees. Genetic scientists have found that the human brains genes (Professor Lahns team examined the 214 genes in the HAR1 Human Accelerated Region 1 section of the DNA concerned with brain development in humans, macaques, rats and mice) had gone through an intense amount of evolution in a short period of time, a process that far exceeded the evolution of the genes of other animals." Again the question is WHY!

I hope the evidence I have layed out will persuade you to my point of view.

I do not think FDR was given a choice as to what kind of treatment he needed for his polio.

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