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July 16, 2010
11:20 pm
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May 20, 2010
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http://www.nowpublic.com/world/u-s-govt ... r-internet


by Scrivener | July 7, 2010 at 01:05 pm

• Fraud and deception key ingredients of targeted hi-tech "fusion center" censorship regime that makes a mockery of First Amendment freedoms.


Over the past few months, this longtime veteran journalist has published several articles detailing the precise methodologies employed by the multi-agency Homeland Security- administered fusion center network to censor and manipulate internet content -- notably, the political speech of extrajudicially "targeted" U.S. citizens.

http://nowpublic.com/world/u-s-govt-cen ... -americans
http://nowpublic.com/world/homeland-fus ... -yet-again
http://nowpublic.com/world/how-u-s-spy- ... cal-speech

Perhaps because I'm an independent journalist, no longer in the employ of major mainstream media outlets, my documented articles are known only to those who can find my work, which often appears to be "black-holed" or "deep-sixed" by a rogue bureaucracy -- using the very tactics and methods I have exposed in my articles.

So forgive me for reporting another variation on this disturbing theme:

The U.S. government imposes draconian censorship on the telecommunications of so-called "targeted individuals" -- and maliciously alters the content of major media websites -- by re-directing the internet connections of these persons to "spoofed" or faked web pages under the control of government operatives...

... what the intel community terms a "man in the middle attack."

The "information systems" defense contractor personnel who run this operation intercept in "real time" attempted internet postings by their "targets" -- especially, politically-oriented comments to mainstream media and political blogs.

The operatives have been given the authority to delay such attempted postings for review -- and they have the power to decide on a whim whether to censor (or "black-hole") the comment; maliciously alter or edit the comment (often inserting spelling and grammatical errors in an effort to cast aspersions on the author); or, if they choose, allow the comment to be posted to the "real" website as written.

In some cases, the "target" may receive an on-screen message that the comment is being "held for review by the blog owner." Sometimes, the comment does not show up among other submitted comments. But often, it appears to the "target" that his or her comment has posted as intended -- as viewed over the target's internet connection.

But the target may be looking at a "spoofed" or faked page visible only to the target -- purposeful and malicious tampering with internet content by agents of the U.S. government. Case in point...

I wrote the following comment in response to an internet column by Washington Post reporter Chris Cillizza, author of "The Fix" political blog:


It seems to me that "Tea Party" adherents are the same types who have co-opted federally-funded "community watch" programs such as InfraGard and Citizen Corps to conduct legally suspect, ideologically-driven, police-protected grassroots campaigns of social cleansing and persecution:

http://nowpublic.com/world/gestapo-usa- ... es-america
http://nowpublic.com/world/u-s-silently ... microwaves
OR http://NowPublic.com/scrivener (lede articles and links therein)

The comment contained links to my exclusive articles about the U.S. government's electromagnetic assaults on unknowing U.S. citizens -- making it a prime target for censorship. So it was not surprising that more than a minute elapsed between the time I hit the "submit" button and the apparent posting of the comment on the blog.

I use the word "apparent" advisedly -- because the comment APPEARED to post to the blog. It would be visible only to me, the "targeted individual," if the government censor chooses to "black-hole" or censor the comment by means of a "spoofed" or counterfeit web page created for the express purpose of government censorship -- a spoofed page that appears only over the internet connection of the targeted individual.

The "target" -- in this case, this journalist -- THINKS he has the constitutionally protected right to free speech, when in fact a rogue government has employed fraud and deception to strip him of that right.

Here's how I know for sure, beyond any reasonable doubt, that my comment has been posted to a "spoofed" page, and may or may not be passed along to the "real" website:

After I attempted to post my comment, my browser froze -- allowing me to examine in detail the URLs that typically churn in rapid sequence in lower left-hand corner "task bar." The main URL (or "address") line of the browser read as follows:

http://voices.washingtonpost.com/thefix ... l#comments

But the browser task bar told the real story -- that my comment was consigned to this "spoofed" or faked web page under the control of the government censors. Here's the message that appeared in the task bar:

Go to "http//www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/community/mypost/index.html?newspaperUserid = scrivener50"

It is apparent that my connection was re-directed to that URL, a "spoofed" or faked web page custom-tailored to my Washington Post user ID, making it appear to me that my comment -- or, as the censorship regime refers to it, "mypost" -- was published along with other submitted comments.

That may or may not be the case -- because by consigning my comment to a "spoofed" page, the censor has the option to black-hole the comment or, if he so chooses, to pass it along (after some delay) as written.

Even if my comment did post some time later, I contend that such "prior restraint" is an act of censorship in and of itself. But it appears that quite often, my comments do not post to the actual web site -- as evidenced by the fact that internet search engine results turn up only a relative few of my many submitted blog comments.

It's my belief that top officials of the Obama administration are clueless as to the pervasiveness of this censorship regime, or that they are unaware that government agencies and commands are censoring the internet content of millions of Americans, and not just suspected bad actors.

If this censorship regime concerns you -- and it should -- please re-post this article widely -- because, for reasons explained above, I have no way of knowing whether this account has been posted or if I am being "black-holed" once again by the U.S. government's fusion center- based shadow government -- a rogue bureaucracy that has stolen democracy from all of us.

July 25, 2010
10:33 pm
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March 27, 2010
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As you finally became awear of ths action by your goverment why would you not just use multipule I.D's in order too get your message out.

July 26, 2010
4:23 pm


Most accurate Internet catch-phrase: "Got spoof?"

The above is not intended to be offensive to any non-malicious entities. It is social commentary directly related to the fact you can't search for (insert any word here) without finding at least one malicious Website.

Other: An Aussie kid recently got busted for planting ID-hacking viruses that infected over 3,000 computers. Even Monster.com has fraudulent advertisers, which explains their nearly-watertight disclaimers.

Bottom line: Be on guard at all times, stay away from browsers that don't allow control of JavaScript, never provide personal information unless you're on a secure page at a site you know is trustworthy (which does not include MySpace or Facebook), and clear all your temporary Internet files before you shut down your computer.

Addendum: While this may be an 'interesting' story, IMHO it doesn't belong in the War On Terror forum.

July 29, 2010
5:15 am
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July 28, 2010
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Classified, to answer your question, you can be identified by many pieces of information. They don't have to use the ID of your account on a website. They can use your IP address, hostname, domain server, ISP, closest router, etc. Once they have you profiled, every transmission coming from your computer is traceable. Its not difficult.

I have suspected a number of times that I was looking at a spoofed version of BV. The latest problem is that my account has been corrupted and even requesting a new password did not allow me to login. I finally had to create a whole new account from scratch. The only software I have installed recently is Nod32 Anti-Virus, and its probably trying to protect me. It detects, or tries to detect, potentially spoofed websites and blocks them.

Given the political topics I've posted to, extensively, I can easily believe the gov would want to censor me. And they may have done exactly that. I posted about the psyop that was happening on 9/11 and I'm sure that got their attention.

I agree Vulcan, this belongs under Government Conspiracies.

July 31, 2010
12:47 am

Hiya CB, I'd suggest a different antivirus program. You can find a whole host of (believe it or not, good) free ones on cnet. Try one that doesn't include 'spoofed site' protection, toss in a copy of Spybot-Search&Destroy, keep everything current, and you should be good to go.

Another software program I've been checking out is Glary Utilities, which seems to be a very good program so far. It increased the speed of two computers, found oodles of malware on one of them along with about a bazillion unnecessary registry entries, and like Spybot, it includes a 'DoD-quality' file shredder. Um, both it and Spybot can remove Flash cookies, which can save you a trip to Adobe's web site.

If you want to seriously startle classified, tell him about MAC addresses. Laugh

July 31, 2010
3:15 am
Forum Posts: 417
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July 28, 2010
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Well, I've heard good things about Nod32. I think it may ultimately have been either a browser update or someone screwing with my account on bv.

If classified wants to know about MAC addresses he can find that info easy enough. The discomforting thing is that I've heard/read stories about spies in China, Russia, Europe, etc. programming their own chips with spoofed MAC addresses. The average person wouldn't know how to do that but any Computer Engineer or hacker with soldering skills and a chip programmer can do it. Spoof your router and hide behind foreign lines and your all set.

July 31, 2010
5:09 am

Seems like a lot of trouble, reprogramming the chip. A lot of network cards are relatively cheap, may be easier just to swap it out. The rest of 'hiding' is easily done by proxy, Network Address Translation, or both.

This stuff is relatively new to me, but I managed to squeak an 'A' out of my Introductory Networking course. 29 credits down, 41 to go. I'd be further ahead--the program only requires 63 credits--but that pesky 'prerequisite' thing keeps popping up.

Best (wired) LAN: Star/bus hybrid, at least 25% extra cabling, TCP/IP whenever possible, 1000BaseT (Cat5e or 6, Cat7 for EMI/RFI) or above, routers instead of hubs or switches, a server instead of P2P if over 10 computers, UPS for everything, some sort of DMZ or firewall, backup Internet connection, and you're golden.

August 11, 2010
9:18 pm
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April 9, 2009
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Hey cotterpin---an excellent post---yes I have in the past mentioned this to anyone who would listen, sadly many don't or simply don;t believe these things exist--

May I suggest that if you run a win platform auto updates should be in disable mode, never allow your PC to be accessed by an outside network---just asking for trouble in that regard.

I could write a book about this subject---question: Who funded google? Who allows google access to superior sat technology? Laugh Laugh Laugh Too obvious but also an absolute fact!

As for CB and his 9-11 spoof stuff--well I could write another book in that regard---it's just pathetic the numbers of people that were so easily influenced in regard to the event called 9-11 from the very very beginning---all one has to do is think about every single event that takes place today---SOMEONE within will ALWAYS tie some aspect of the current event to 9-11--ANYONE WHO BELIEVES/THINKS that that is just coincidence is severely naive---but I can understand why that is--billions have been spent on conditioning the avg Joe citizen to believe---billions not millions.

I saw an Interview of a Fishing Capt who was first on scene when the deep water Horizon exploded. This took place on a bought and paid for MSM Network/Govt program akin to 60 minutes---within 2 minutes of the 30 min spot the Capt was asked a question in regard to his personal feelings about the Deep Water Explosion: the Capt's response:

IT WAS MY 9-11

I immediately turned to my wife ans said " THESE PHUCKING PEOPLE WILL STOP AT NOTHING " Sadly this doesn't even phase most US Citizens---that's exactly what they bank on, count on.

1. The explosion was an accident--9-11 was an obvious military type op no accident
2. 11 people died in the Gulf---some 3,000 plus on 9-11
3. No reasonably sane human being would ever compare these two events in any manner WITHOUT BEING prodded in that direction by those behind the scenes- I'll bet my life on that! Period.

Now they are calling the Jet blue maniac a Nazi ( carry on bag Nazi ) It drives me crazy that most people fail to grasp this conditioning technique used on a daily basis. It amazing!

Bring EM Home Cole

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