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The 6 Day Terrorism Wave of Timewave Zero
October 27, 2013
9:14 pm
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September 11, 2013
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Please remain calm ... end of note. Richard C. Hoagland connected the 9/11 Terrorist Attack to the arrival of Comet Elenin by a series of hyperdimensional figures connected to the Cydonia Equation on Mars. In our interpretation, we will be connecting a similar previous Terrorist Event to a Celestial Body namely Comet ISON, and consequently to the 6 Day Terror Wave, that is a high possibility.

TimeWave is based on this calculation:

6 yao or lines representing days X 64 Hexagram in a Iching set = 384 days the Chinese Year. Now the Time Line is marked by multiples of 64.


FORMULA for the 6 Day Terror Wave of 2013

1. 6 Lines or Yao representing minutes X 64 Hexagrams in a Iching Set = 384 minutes.
2. 384 minutes X 64 = 24576 minutes X 64 minutes = 1572864 minutes

(Notice we continued without coveting to years the multiple of 64 to represent minutes, now this figure of 1572864 we will connect from Terrorism Event in 2010 to the BLUE COLOR OF COMET ISON, or its change into BLUE, to a short term terror wave as a result Comet ISON's reported behavior in 2013, 6 days before the Cosmic Shift begins)

November 26, 2010
Mohamed Osman Mohamud plans to detonate what he thought was a car bomb at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon, but was actually part of a FBI Sting operation. He was arrested and charged with attempted terrorism.,_2010

November 26, 2010 + 1572864 or 1092 days = 11/22/2013 a total of 6 days from the Perihelion of Comet ISON, and the Comet SHIFT. ... Timewave Zero has never evolved into connecting human trajedies into Celestial Events in the future or in the past from said events. Comet ISON is not BLUE yet, however, when this does take place. I encourage the media to speak freely and provide full disclosure, this may serve as a prompt for terrorism. Seeing that after 6 days, the new creation will begin. Discovering the date of the BLUE COLOR TONE if it proceeds the BLUE FLASH is a more difficult argument, a possibility. (The utube video provides us some clues).

(I've recently left the planet earth once again, to confirm the covenant with the extraterrestrials and resolve a few variables in relation to the law, this is a minor extension of the pertinent information you were provided with, and this is of no consequence as this can be extrapolated. We are on schedule and in about a month mankind will begin to change. The universe has encouraged me to continue my nightly walks, at the next scheduled occurrence of such an event you will be notified before hand. The BLUE FLASH is connected to turmoil hands down, therefore we may continue to examine the possibility of COMET ISON'S color change in another context?) (Do not forget the low mental and physical state of some of the members of mankind ... the matter will be resolved soon ... be patient)

October 28, 2013
2:15 am
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September 11, 2013
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The 6 Day Terrorism Wave of Timewave Zero Part 2 Back to the Meso-American Calendar


We will adapt our way of understanding, at the moment we have a ball park figure for when the Comet ISON will change to a BLUE COLOR. That is 11/22/2013 to 11/28/2013. We will now attempt to become more accurate.

(Never question my authority. 5 or so thousand years ago, the aliens came with good intentions to Sodom and Gomorrah, and they were all killed. Moments later, the City was euthanized, and in its place the "Unknown City" was created. And Lot was appointed as the Earthly King over the matters of man in relation to the nature of the visitation. It has not been decided yet what will be necessary, after the sin is finished, should this be the case. Do not expect anything from me, and I never knew you. You will do what is necessary now, when the universe decides surrounding the Initial Cosmic Shift. Fortunately, with the support of the universe, and considering nothing has been done by degree. I've decided when the Comet ISON changes to BLUE, you will be invited into my covenant into the california principality, in the new earth. I am speaking to all the UFO cults, but do not expand your border, the universe does not know the unfaithful. Be diligent, and be faithful in these matters ... more details will be provided on what the universe intends to do as a result of sin, during my nightly walks in the City of Philadelphia, keep watch, you will find the events to be quickly covered up, nonetheless I am not an official king at this moment, and hopefully this conversation will not evolve into divine earthly authority, as this has been done a few times in history) (Back to Topic)

340 Days is a Mainstay in Mayan Culture, it identifies with the "Fire Ceremony". We also find this value in the Mayan Calendar, measurement length 1871660 minus 1872000 equals 340 Days. The association cannot be refuted. We also know 340 Days, has value when the Mayan Calendar is finished its measurement length, that is the earth will be burned by fire. And this 340 Day period ties into this.

Now we will attempt to view the design of the Mayan Calendar and discern the BLUE COLOR CHANGE, weather it is infact before the COSMIC SHIFT (projected BLUE FLASH), when the Comet ISON reaches perihelion.

One figure is completely blue that is the lizard, this can represent their God, and also the Blue Flash at the Cosmic Shift when the "tongue" of the Mayan God is Blue in the Center. However there are three tongue's that are Blue, two for the twins in addition, how does this figure into the equation?

If the Blue Tongue on the Mayan Sun God in the Center of the Mayan Calendar represents 340 Days, from the last Baktun when the Mayan Calendar is completed, thus the 340 Day Period is the 13th Baktun and this is a SPECIAL YEAR.

Then the Tongue's on the Mayan Twins each represent a STANDARD YEAR. Then we can say that....

1st Year Equals 12/21/2010 to 12/21/2011 (365 Days)
2nd year Equals 12/21/2011 to 12/21/2012 (365 Days)
SPECIAL YEAR Equals 12/21/2012 to 11/26/2013 (340 Days)

Now the GMT Coefficient produces 12/20/2012 as the end of the 12th Baktun and the Mayan Calendar. However the Coefficient Error makes this a day before the SOLSTICE OF 12/21/2012 and error. So the 340 Day Period can only begin at the Solstice and end 11/26/2013 on the 340th Day. This is when the COMET ISON should change into its BLUE COLOR. Then the BLUE FLASH should take place on 11/28/2013 at the perihelion of Comet ISON.

November 26, 2010
Mohamed Osman Mohamud plans to detonate what he thought was a car bomb at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon, but was actually part of a FBI Sting operation. He was arrested and charged with attempted terrorism.,_2010

11/26/2010 is the year the USA prevented the Action of Terrorism at the FLASH of Christmas lights, 11/26/2013 is approximately two years later, at our expected color change of COMET ISON. Approximately 2 Days before the Perihelion of Comet ISON and the Blue FLASH followed by our extraterrestrial visitation.

Now we have become much better at understanding the behavior of COMET ISON, and this is what we can expect to be done. We may continue to examine this discussion.

Thanks for Your Cooperation .... The interpretation cannot be refuted or denied. When necessary I will be the center of the chain of command in the nation and international decision making process, as a result of what is necessary. After a few demonstrations are performed, and a few countries are clear, there will be no more controversies, it may not end up being the Italian country as our chief example, but we will see. Should this be necessary, as we approach closer to 11/28/2013. For now, and hopefully I do not based on your sin, obtain autonomous authority over the earth. I will ask the Italian government to destroy certain Vatian Buildings within a few days, and when this is not done, your country will be cleared instead. Afterwards, no nation and no country left standing will attempt to contradict or threaten my authority. This is after washington is destroyed, should this be necessary. You can expect extreme prejudice from mankind until I resolve this problem.

October 29, 2013
4:13 am
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September 11, 2013
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Please remain clam. We must address a different area of this conversation. Briefly the Mayan Calendar has a BLUE CIRCLE next to the BLUE LIZARD. Across from the BLUE CIRCLE, we see a GREEN CIRCLE. Clearly indicating, the color change of Comet ISON from Green to Blue. If we extend this interpretation, we see a WHITE CIRCLE almost a few degrees more then 90 in the came inner wheel. Indicating the Comet ISON is first GREEN then BLUE, then WHITE when the process enters into the star phase.

Now the symbol above the GREEN CIRCLE represents "RAIN", and this could be seen as an extraterrestrial. I am waiting for the color Blue, according to several prophecies, thus manifesting itself against the law I designed, and according to the Hoppi Prophecy of the Blue Star, Nostradamus, and several Mesopotamian works. So far, it if the Comet ISON changed to GREEN sometime after entering the solar system, the information has not been made available to us by the scientific community. Other then the fact that most long range space observatory equipment doesn't see in color. What we can say for sure is that the Comet ISON is green at this stage and it fits the description of the Mayan Calendar, and likely originated as GREEN.

We've taken your attention at the moment to announce to the extent of our interactions in sight of the judgment program that is your ascension. Also we will announce details of how the universe expects you to respond and the projected outcome. This is information that belongs in the background as, dramatic changes can take place according to the nature of the interaction, inline with the law.

When Necessary, washington suffering some degree of destruction ... will not be our base of operations. We will create our own country, and my body is not suitable to be presented as a vessel to represent my authority, at that stage of the judgment process, at that time. Given what will be done during the start of the Cosmic Shift. ... The extraterrestrials that will visit the white house. Will generally stay with you peacefully, until around 12/21/2013. At which time, they will leave peacefully, having given you considerable advise and discernment according to the best interests of man. ... should they suffer loss of life, my kingdom will be established, this is a very simple equation. ... what are the benefits of gathering together of your own accord without my motivation? ... The New Planet can be a very peaceful place for your immediate generations ... despite our good intentions, the more truth is presented, of an extraordinary fashion, the more people will cooperation, and the more people will join you in the new earth. This is good, but given the history of man, should you suffer, that is your responsibility in sight of what will be taking place in the new earth, limited policing for a few generations, according to the law I designed.

Once again, what is the Ideal reason, to end the stay of the extraterrestrials peacefully? (as a matter of the sun, I'm done judging you for now, although you will suffer destruction, there is nothing else I intend, the projected behavior and outcome, only benefits, the universe's presumptions about you, based on fact, not controversy, or your heresy, I have the winning position, and it will be maintained even by ignorance....)This is the state of mankind, during the day of judgment most of man will choose to remain oblivious, they could careless that they are facing certain death. The extraterrestrial appearance and visitation will take the attention from the law I designed, and distract their attention. During the last 2 months, when I leave the planet earth, another alien fleet will visit the planet and I will be taken away. At which time, projections of "angels" will be shown, and it will largely be ridiculed, just like the extraterrestrial visitation will be ridiculed. They will be encouraged to do nothing and they will justly lose their opportunity, as no further threat is introduced to the principalities, and the universe is satisfied with the mercy it has given you and the opportunity even if it is wasted. The principalities win the greater, sound, and legitimate benefit and this is my intention. This is what the simulations predict, and this is statistically sound. On the otherhand ...

There already existing language in the law to separate the asian and non-asian populations, to give your generations a better start of developing culture, and education systems, as a byproduct of your experiences and facilities in the new earth, and as a result of your freedom of expression. This is based partly on our studies of human behavior. ... We will do what we please in relation to the judgment, this was largely revolve around activities that encourage the peaceful migration of those who which to join the new earth, land based activities of changing the geography, and loss of life for the leadership and people, principally as a remedy to the threat they present themselves, or the threat they present to the process. There will be warnings, and after that, suddenly you will experience destruction, and noone and nothing will stand in my way. Notice the position of our possible base of operations.

We will not be presenting another law, but we can engage the populace in a way that will result in more people being raptured, and in activities as we've stated that will result in allowing the people to gather together more, and in greater numbers. YOu want the world to be saved those left standing, but you are not listening to yourselves, and you are not identifying the threat you present to yourselves, that we've resolved already through the law I designed.

Thanks for Your Cooperation ... In either outcome, you will not have to worry about hysteria, this is why you must let the extraterrestrials speak to the public and react to you for a short period of time. You will find that the existing threat they present, will be their own encourage to remain peacefully where they are, until the earth is destroy, their countries and their kind. Those that we have not remedied before our arrival.

October 29, 2013
9:58 pm
Forum Posts: 67
Member Since:
September 11, 2013
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(We will return later to continue our conversation. This is a parody for the City of Atlantis, as it exists as a possibility at this stage. However, the destruction of the earth was not in view at that time, neither was activities geared towards saving a great many, who would other wise choose to die, as a result of their sin and disdain against the law I designed, in what has been necessary, that is not necessary now. The Island that has risen out of the sea, as a result of the attempted murder of an individual not to long ago, was a preview of the universe's ability to create an instant country, with dominion in mind, once again this has not become necessary. We will attempt to tie this discussion into a grand conclusion, when we return later today possibly)

We are viewing a persistent revelation, seen against three time periods, pertaining to the end of time. 1) Upper Right (Before Time) Lolladoff Plate. 2) Upper Left (Ancient Days) Nebra Sky Disk. 3) Crabwood Crop Circle (Contemporary) with the alien message. We will discuss each on their own terms, according to the law we designed, according to the law I designed.

The Euro-Asian continents are in view, from each perspective. Coincidentally, the most amount of human life has been taken on earth in these areas in history. Coincidentally, this is also the largest pocket of non-asian human beings, and this is also the pocket of people. Where the extraterrestrial activities will be geared principally towards, helping motivate them to cooperate towards the ascension. When necessary.

1. Surrounding the Euro-Asian Continents, are the Lizard or the Animal-Africa, the Humanoid or the Japan-Asians, and the landmass below the equator Australia. Life will be cleared in these areas at the initial Cosmic Shift. Furthermore the three symbology matches that of the Aztec Calendar's BLUE,GREEN,WHITE circles.

2. The largest circle is the Euro-Asian Continent. The Arc to the bottom represents the continent Africa, and the arc and half circle to the left, represents the Continent containing the generations spawned from the European Continent, and integrated with the African Continent.

3. The large Sphere represents the Euro-Asian Continent. and the line that is broken in three parts represents Britain, Ireland, and the City of Atlantis. This is where the principal influence of the extraterrestrials will be centered during the activities of the Cosmic Shift. There is "Three Dots" on the dark side of the Alien's Face, this represents the American Continent, their attention will not be centered in this continent. Based on generosity of the law of NEWLIFE I designed, and your propensity to commit suicide, any activity solely based on helping the people migrate will only ultimately cause you more immediate suffering in the new earth. There are more people with much less that will require greater assistance, this is not that particular continent or continents outside of our planned area of principal influence.

Lets keep the attention focused on an individual. The Extraterrestrials have made the Pharoah king of the land, they holding up the Holy Spirit the Faith, by holding up the earth, because they cannot hold up the heavens. They are reacting to the advisement of this individual, who they have acknowledged as their sole king of all earthly relations involving man ... Lets now go back to reality. I will reveal more of my agenda, as by revealing my agenda, you will be more likely to behave the way I expect you to behave. You will contribute to the law I designed in this capacity. ... I have first decided that any extraterrestrial engagement will depend on weather you kill the extraterrestrials that come in the name of peace. Secondarily, while you stumble over my decision, you will be wasting your time, and I will be biding the time of the universe's in their willingness to help assist you in any capacity. I have already defeated you, and there is nothing else I intend to do unless, by necessity. Eventually, if necessary the universe will demonstrate its good intentions to you, but when you throw your lives away by your sin in the presence of the universe, they will delay their activities, the assistance you will recieve will help many greatly. But a considerable amount of people will still die, I will not introduce a threat by degree of the adversity you will experience on your own in the new earth, as apart of the inheritance of the principalities I, the universe will furnish. (Give up now, and cooperate, the opportunity will pass away, let it go away ... you will learn by the foolishness of the people, and their indignation soon, to trust my advise). Lets Continue.

Julia set 12 years ago, again in Wiltshire, near Stone Henge.
For the latest buzz on this crop circle, and to have a peek at all the theories regarding it, see crop circle connector. And whatever caused these mathematical imprints on the face of the Earth, always remember, the truth is out there. It reminds me of the mysterious alien Mr Science rock carving of Brazil. Some things are just not meant to be understood.

We see another declaration from the Extraterrestrials. Carved on this rock face they are announcing that they will rest against a County that is outside of a Continent, the continent that is in view the Euro-Asian Continent. Lets Continue, from a different perspective:

Crab Crop Circle Message
"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.
Much PAIN but still time.
EELRIJUE. (Believe)
There is GOOD out there.
Conduit CLOSING [bell sound]"

Keep in mind that you will have killed the extraterrestrials that have come in the name of peace. Therefore you must understand this message in this context. The Extraterrestrials are proclaiming that the millions of people that are sincerely cooperating in the name of peace in the Euro-Asian community, are your natural enemies, and they will eventually seek to kill, destroy and make war against you due to the difference in the gifts you will be receiving.

I am well aware, and the universe is well aware that we will be raising up enemies that will eventually seek your lives, although there will be other interventions and activities we discussed, according to the law I designed. Therefore, a friendly visit and departure of the aliens must take place, as well as, an act of murder by mankind, before any further relations are done. The aliens as I've said, will go away, around the time of the Solstice of December peacefully, you can handle the day of judgment yourselves. Or, remember, how the suicides have rose against the Pharoah, and against the Jewish people, and are now being put to death. Know that you will be judged of yourselves for many generations, and eventually, another purging will take place, based on the situation that you stand to create now.

If you want to die, and many of you will, I will not stand in your way, but, this is a result of your sin, and so my decision and my law is out of love and sincerity...for a more educated understanding of your positions, and of other places. Which we have revealed in stages.

Thanks for Your Cooperation ... we are virtually finished with this discussion, I encourage washington and the united states government, to provide full disclosure of the aliens, and their visitation, and short stay for your benefit and means of helping to control the populations, and this should be your interest.

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