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Letter to Dane Wigington of Geoengineering Watch.........R.I.P HUMANITY
August 13, 2018
5:57 pm
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January 28, 2015
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Dane Wigington has done a wonderful job chronicling the deleterious effects of Geoengineering/Weather Warfare all over this planet. I wrote this letter to Mr. Wigington with a heavy heart. I wanted to inform Mr. Wigington that the destruction of the global supply of ascorbic acid has sealed the fate of the human race on Earth. Humanities long term survival on the planet Earth is in serious peril. If current trends continue humanity has at best 50 years left before going extinct.


August 14, 2018

Dane Wigington

P.O. Box 9

Bella Vista, CA. 96008         


Dear Mr. Wigington:

I have been an admirer of yours for quite some time. Every Saturday I look forward to your Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News report. I have followed with keen interest your debates with Paul Beckwith, David Keith and Gernot Wagner and the various interviews about Geoengineering weather warfare.

I consider myself an Optidose-Orthomolecular Nutritional Advocate. The term Orthomolecular therapy was coined by the two times (unshared) Nobel Laurette Linus Pauling PhD in 1968. "Orthomolecular therapy consists in the prevention and treatment of disease by varying the concentrations in the human body of substances that are normally present."

 You have repeatedly said that if current trends continue with regards to the deleterious effects that Geoengineering has on the global environment, humanity is not long for this world. I agree with you completely. You and I differ in only one respect. I believe that humanity has already sealed its fate. For many decades environmental pollution along with Geoengineering has adversely affected the environmental supply of ascorbic acid on this planet.

Please let me explain. All humans on this planet are hypoascorbemic. What this means is that do to a metabolic defect, humans lack the ability to internally synthesize ascorbic acid unlike most vertebrates and invertebrates. Humans must find environmental sources of ascorbic acid to compensate for their deficiency. Without ascorbic acid humans become vulnerable to sub-clinical scurvy type diseases from stretch marks to cardiovascular diseases to cancer.

The late Irwin Stone PhD who was well dialed into the properties of ascorbic acid has stated that when in solution “ascorbic acid is somewhat unstable and transient”.  It has been known for some time that ascorbic acid (the chemical name for vitamin C) is not entirely heat stable. When heated to temperatures above 70-degrees C (about 160 F), ascorbic acid (C6H8O6) decomposes to dehydroascorbic acid (C₆H₆O₆). The rate of ascorbic acid decomposition increases as temperature increases. The reverse also holds true. As the temperature decreases the rate of ascorbic acid decomposition increases.

This decomposition process is accelerated by copper, iron, and oxygen; all abundant during food preparation. Toss in the fact that it’s also water-soluble, which means it leaches out of food when subjected to water. As a result, it is difficult to retain much of the vitamin C in cooked foods. It has even been shown that vitamin C levels in orange juice can vary wildly, depending on the age of the juice and whether it is fresh or frozen.

As you can already imagine the detrimental effects of Geoengineering on the environment has a direct correlation on the global supply of ascorbic acid.  It has been estimated that 310 million Americans are in poor/bad health. Andrew Saul PhD in 2003 issued the following statement; “disease trends in history might be understood as waves of lack of vitamin C intake.”  It does not take an overwhelming amount of evidence to present a case that humanity is currently a sick and dying species. This fact alone has sealed the fate of humans on this planet.

I would like for you to read what Dr. Stone has to say with regards to the evolutionary history of ascorbic acid. “We can surmise that the production of ascorbic acid was an early accomplishment of the life process because of its wide distribution in nearly all present-day living organisms.  It is produced in comparatively large amounts in the simplest plants and the most complex; it is synthesized in the most primitive animal species as well as in the most highly organized. 

 Except possibly for a few microorganisms, those species of animals that cannot make their own ascorbic acid are the exceptions and require it in their food if they are to survive.  Without it, life cannot exist.  Because of its nearly universal presence in both plants and animals we can also assume that its production was well organized before the time when evolving life forms diverged along separate plant and animal lines.

 This early development of the ascorbic acid synthesizing mechanisms probably arose from the need of these primitive living organisms to capture electrons from an environment with very low levels of oxygen.  This process of scavenging for rare oxygen was a great advance for the survival and development of the organisms so equipped. 

 It also may have triggered the development of the photo-synthetic process and sparked the tremendous development of plant life.  This great increase in plant life, with its use of the energy of sunlight to produce oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, completely changed the chemical composition of the atmosphere, over a period of possibly a billion years, from oxygen-free air which would not support living animals as we know them to a life-giving oxygen supply approaching the composition of our present atmosphere.

 The increase in the oxygen content of the atmosphere had other important consequences.  In the upper reaches of the atmosphere, oxygen is changed by radiation into ozone, which is a more active form of oxygen.  This layer of high-altitude ozone acts as a filter to remove the deadly ultraviolet rays from sunlight and makes life on land possible. 

 This series of events, which occurred more than 600 million years ago, preceded the tremendous forward surge of life and the development of more complicated, multicellular organisms in post-Cambrian times, as is seen in the fossil record.

 The only living organisms that survive to this day in a form that has not progressed or evolved much from the forms which existed in the earliest infra-Cambrian times are primitive single-cell organisms, such as bacteria (Prokaryotes), which do not make (and may not need ascorbic acid in their living environment). 

 All plants or animals which have evolved into complex multicellular forms make or need ascorbic acid.  Was ascorbic acid the stimulus for the evolution of multicellular organisms?  if not the stimulus, it certainly increased the biochemical adaptability necessary for survival in changing and unfavorable environments.”

 As you can now surmise ascorbic acid is very important in the evolutionary development of multicellular life forms. Ascorbic acid is very crucial in synthesis of collagen. In 1971 Roger J. Williams PhD (discover of pantothenic acid/B5) proved that “ascorbic acid is essential for the building of collagen, the most abundant protein built in our bodies and a major component of connective tissue. This connective tissue has structural and supportive function which are indispensable to heart tissues, to blood vessels –in fact to all tissues. Collagen is not only the most abundant protein in our bodies, it also occurs in larger amounts than all other proteins put together. It cannot be built without ascorbic acid. No heart or blood vessel or other organ could possibly perform its functions without collagen. No heart or blood vessel can be maintained in healthy condition without ascorbic acid.”

In his book “How to Live Longer and Feel Better” (1986) Nobel Laurette Linus Pauling PhD, who ushered in the era of Orthomolecular therapy, is quoted saying in stunning detail that “the synthesis of collagen, for which ascorbic acid is essential, proceeds in the body as one of its major manufacturing enterprises. A person dying of scurvy stops making the substance and his or her body starts to fall apart – their joints fail, because they can no longer keep the cartilage and tendons strong, their blood vessels break open, their gums ulcerate, and their teeth fall out, their immune system deteriorates, and they die.”

Pauling continues to elaborate on the fact that regular daily optimal amounts of ascorbic acid is needed “for the synthesis of large amounts of collagen for growth and for replacement of the collagen degraded by daily wear and tear. Ascorbic acid, in the critical reactions that assemble collagen in the tissues, does not serve merely as a catalyst but is destroyed.”      

Mr. Wigington, those individuals who are instrumental in conducting the Weather Warfare programs are suffering from non-compos mentis.  Because of their condition they fail to realize that their Geoengineering Weather Warfare policies are not only destroying the planet, but also themselves. These individuals are knowingly or unknowingly suicidal.  If this isn’t a form of insanity than I don’t know what is!


Sincerely Yours,                                                                                       


Optidose-Orthomolecular Nutritional Advocate





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