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I've seen things I can't explain.Interested?
January 3, 2011
8:49 pm
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January 3, 2011
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Hey old friends.I'm back,and the things I've seen?My mind still hasn't "unbended"..Having reality warped on you can shake ya up a bit.I'll be adding what I've see now,If you know me as greeny and those fellas do,I dont lie,I don't BS or trick for laughs.Il'll list what I've witnessed immediatly for friends here.Others will think its lies maybe,they will know cause they know me.Know My personality if they remember still...I'm only here,and will only post this here.Because I appreciated what John has provided.No where else and ONLY because of my gratitude to John.

Guys,my wife became suicidal.Had been since a bad childhood.I never knew,depression,suicidal ideation,the whole bit.The plan was in motion.I can tell you this,she is the sweetest soul you could ever meet.always cheery,the smile always,walk through fire if I asked.The mask that hides the dark.

Ill skip,for know what happened next,but she has a visual of my deceased dad who was the only dad she ever had,he too a special soul in ways i can't describe.But I see her fall trancelike,she says she sees him in front of her,yet sees me sitting there too.I assume she's breaking due to the already unstabe state.I keep talking,phone in hand lol.She,unknown to me,never recovered from his death,depression.He's been gone 10 years! It only got worse for her as time went by until the inevitable in that scenario.

She says he touched her hand,sitting on my couch!seeing him clearly and me clearly stting there.She said he told her 1 thing.."Don't worry,Its only a minute.." He was a patient man by nature,to raise me,he'd have to be,lol.She said she knew what he mean.Unwilling to let go,was going to kill her.She believed,over,forever.So told her Patient,it's only a minute.And he was gone she said.I see nothing,and fear for her mind.She says since he passed,she doesn't miss him,or cry at the thought of him,but smiles,remembers the good,and depression starts to lift,..Then I get to see things I just cant explainSays somehow,know she can "feel" things about people now.From the light in the pupil. I don't get it,I say,baby thats the light from the ceiling,she replies,"not that one,the other light.What other light I say."the one in the center thats always there,you know" I say no,I do not.She assumes all see it so never mentions it her whole like."Some bright,some dim,some gone."" She's shocked I don't see it,center pupil,always!

I'll skip ahead,deatail later if anyone wants them.More story than I can do at once.But its alot like watching a person do miracles in front of you.But it starts...
It started small stuff.Reads,feels what the brightness of the eyelight says about their "state" of emotions,struggling or doing well.Holding onto their belief or fading,as the light does,fades to black.lost...Done.wll.Keep in mind,neither of us are religious in anyway but personally.

I get creative..I grab some random family pics,and I have a big family.I cover one it with an envelope,hand it to he,behind her back and tell her.feel it,tell me who it is,their eyes are there!Feel them.I don't just go along with anything ever mind you.Momma raised no fools.SHOW ME you "feel truth",I', thinking.She fails,I call the Doc,she gets it right?I'll wait I'm thinking.Guess what,she "guessed" it..I say wow,good guess"..Well,she guessed them right,99.999999% for 5 and a half hours late until he headache was so bad she had to stop.She missed 1 person in a group pic with 6 people in it.She got the other 5 in the same photo correct.Oh yea,told ,I test,I tried to break it,multiple people in photos,mixtures ,anything i could think of,IT BEAT ME! Like a 3 yr old girl! So then I set the phone down,lol.And start paying attention.I hand her a blind photo of my dad,she looks at me and says "they aren't here anymore"..pauses and says "Its your dad",says same thing with pics of my deceased mom,"female....deceased..pause..your mom"..able to say in each group pic,how many men,how many females,how many "gone" if any are.So ,yea,I'm getting confused at this point,Call a doctor for her or hit my knees.But I stayed cool,calm...Push more.See wher it goes.Thats just me.I don't scare off anything easily.


She starts feeling things in the yard.she finds whats drawing her to feel it,finds a four leaf clover!Walks right over to it bends over and picks like me picking a rose.I think,cool!.Well then another ,and another then...Looks at me,I look at her,she then bends over reaches out with both hands and stands up,holds out to me one in each hand.Finding two at once by running her feet across a area she "feesl" them.From a distance.like you seaching for sunflowers...look,go grab it.Her thing works like my 5 sense,some sorta 6th sense no longer dorment?I'm fascinated at this point.

She has a jar in our kitchen stuffed to were she doesn't do it any longer.She has thousands,oh,I checked the odds,1 in 10,000 is a 4 leaf..She has 100 5 leaf,50 6 leafs up to a1 7 leaf,no greater than a 7..His number by the way.And keep in mind,this girls was 12 hours from a for sure attempt on her own life,and now?! I'amazed.It wasn't easy journey for her.Maybe thats why the gifts started.And I feel crazy,I believe in my creator,no more detailed or religous dogma than that,my maker made me.I may be ugly but I'm not a monkey,My Dad made my body,my mind has a mker to.Not the brain,the mind.So,thats just to show,no sales pitch is happening.And it gets far more unbelievable thanthis.This was stuff that DOESN"T keep you awake,mind realing.The stuff that kept me from the ability to blink for20 minutes really test your ability to hold on!

That was just "neat" in a fear o God way.lol Mathmatically impossible?I wish I'd went to calculus..Somehow my yard,a small one,has 10's of thousands of them? Ummm,ok..

Anyway,Months later I have her relax fade away as I read like miditate a bit..Just relax and told her to ask herself a question..She coulcouldn't fade and ask.I have her fade,come in in 10 minutes and start talking to her.Assuming I' talking to my wife of 20 years.BTW is no trickster,she so stale and uptight she can't tell a knock knock joke.And VERY sweet person.Never try and trick anyone in the 20 years I've known her.So I soon think,"this ISNT my wife." Heshe could barely articulate,like speaking to a small child..Me want,me think..etc..Stuggled answering due to lack of large enough vocabulary.Struggled for words we use everyday,,like "join",she would say "make 2 one"

She soon got "older" as we did these q and a's nightly due to the depth the answers led.

It got to the point ,out nowhere,no mention of any God had mentioned.Mostly childood trauma,issues,esteem descriptions.All things that deppress "her",not me or I.Odd huh?Calling hersef "her"..Out of the blue she says."He saw need,He send help"..Im entralled..Who is "He" that saw something??,I''ll transcript style.Be easier for me.I'll add all interesting q and a" from many conversations. in onlist here.Again,just asked things I've always wondered.She was batting a million so I figured "why not"...Yet she never remembered anthing.Thus I grabbed the video mamera for her so she would believe me..SHE DIDN"T thought i was playing headgames with her until she saw her own body gesturing and answering with no memory of o it

me:Who is the "he that saw need and sent "them,and who is them?"

a:Big Boss {hands flaring}

me:Who is Big Boss?

He BIIIIG BOSSS...{I get the picture then}

I say you mean a God?


me:who he send,you said he sent "them" to help her?

Sweet angel and bossdad

me:who,what is a sweet angel

After difficult expalanation..My Dad "only a minute"
me:Whis this bossdad,you mean bigboss and mispoke?

no... You bossdad...{If you knew how many times I've heard "YOU AINT MY BOSS! from that women I was having a cow..}


She starts seeing "shimmers" after time,they start taking form.As normal people.Not even transparent.Says they are talking to her.They are confused.Lost,forgot what they are supposed to do.All quotes.Some not even know they are dead,some "waiting to come out of the coma they are just sure they are in"....

Then,after months of this,one comes.."Lillian"..But she not lost or confused.Shes "complete" Done with this here.Lessons all learned.So I ask,thru wifey,Why you here then?My brother is very hard headed,always was..He's stuck here due to his stubborness.But don't worry for him.He is smart,just stubborn,he''ll come along soon.So I ask,what are you doing HERE,now then."observing"..From interest?yea.Love to watch them come,then get to go home once they see""

I ask her a very important question then that many wonder....Lillian mine not complete and doesnt KNOW things yet.If you are complete,you know the answer..Who/was Jeseus real,here,what they say..She say kind of..."He The teacher,He the 1st teacher,thats why he soooo important,he was/Is FIRST teacher"and made man,many,many teachers.Get many many many Home by teaching them how to to get there.Kinda like rescue them by showing the the doorway out.

tons more if theres interes.If you say I'm crazy,save your breath,I may agree.But crazy people never know they're crazy...Right..lolol

January 4, 2011
12:36 am
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April 9, 2009
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well..you know..some people..once they have gone through a storm..which can be seen as a desert walk...some people are soemtimes gifted with various psychic gifts after that.

It's seen as a sort of innitiation..a way of proving one is worhty of this gift.
Maybe this is what happened to your wife?
Maybe now she is blessed.
Either way..very interesting..and it must be exciting for you.

Just be careful if she was prone to serious depression, and had a delicate psyche, she might still have one under all this and still be at risk of being suicidal, and this could take a turn..watch out for that and be protective of her..she seems kinda fragile..putting on a brave front.

Just..tread carefully with this kind of thing..don't just take for granted you ar erpotected and all this comes form a good source..make sure by adding prayers of your own for protection and what's in everybdoies best interest..just in case

I'm no expert, but I have seen some stuff and I have seen stuff like this go many ways..just great..fizzle out and take a turn for the worst

Willie Wonka quotes..
What is this Wonka, some kind of funhouse?
Why? Are you having fun?
A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.
We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams

January 4, 2011
4:18 am
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September 4, 2009
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When I read posts like that I try to put myself in the place of the author, i.e. you, bonez

I would probably do the same thing you are doing.. keep testing.

I believe in psychic ability and people's ability to see people that have passed. I'm still not sure if what they see are the actual people, or, some sort of residual energy left behind by the person, i.e. your father.

Keep investigating the rabbit hole you're both in, and try to keep your wits about you. Prayer for protection as bionic suggested, is a good thing. You just don't know who your wife or even you are going to brush up against in your "travels."

I wish you the best man and thanks for sharing, that took a lot of courage.

Every one who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe-a spirit vastly superior to that of man. - Albert Einstein

January 4, 2011
5:37 am
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January 3, 2011
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Bionic,I'm very very watchful of her states.Shes a master masker.20 yrs practice.But she is different than I've ever seen.She is VERY scared of suicide now.Says HE knows.Says "he comes to all suicides personally,to see why and try to stop them..".."like a lightning bolt""She said its like feeling as if you are going to the principles office.Ashamed to Him and shes never mentioned a belief in 20 years.She said She more scared of answering for it than living lol.But I'm very watchful,But check this out,for the last step,skipping ahead a year.She got a new job,guess where?The university depression center.Works for 10 Doctors.That are printed.She's surrounded by help.Says she'll never be afraid to ask again,so grateful and all.But I'll always be worrying about her.Luckily,20 years makes me very aware of mild changes.Had her to the doc for the Dep. .On a mild anti-dep and says shes never felt this way her whole life,and acts it...Fingers crossed.,But your concern isn't lost on me.These steps are over 4 years btw,so hopefully its not a recurring problem but now docs on it so I feel more secure.But thx for the warranted concern for her.

January 4, 2011
5:55 am
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January 3, 2011
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..fizzle out and take a turn for the worst.

Indeed my friend.Its fizzled out already in some areas.After "seeing and speaking" with many of them,"whom I questioned thru her"myself.To see what at and why they came here,to her and why are they believing.

Some things are strong still.The miraclistic stuff fades.I supposed its purpose for her it seved.Now it goes back.It would be unsettling and she is sensitive.Makes sense to me.But other things seem to be ingrained in her.Some examples,all with alotta figuring out "wtf" is this!...

All the clovers she desires.Now I have her doing it with her eyes closed,fun to watch.I have her screw my friends heads up.

The "picture trick" as we coined it,faded very quicly,but it would really screw with your mind to see when she does 6 in one pic by name.Kinda sends you realing for solid logical ground.But its quicksand.Undeniable to witness.Not walking on water but it screws with your head some..lol

I asked her whil she was "away" ..me "why was she able to do pictures like that,how,why?Cause it stopped"

answer:For you...To make YOU believe.Then it go away.

It worked,I knew it was something when I saw impossible..hehe

Theres the reason for "fizzle out"

But it could be a huge let down without one to see this.They would feel like its taken away rather than done with its purpose.Would make one kinda sad,she said such as a matter of fact.But I started looking for the next shocking thing coming.It got crazy.

Lets see,whats still strong.

Clover whispere!..lol.Like picking flowers.I'm thinking that will endure at this point.

Oh..strong and will endure..Look at you atnd see "the end of your path,who,that you would recognize,that comes "to get you when you pass.The "loved ones.She can give physical description and see faces you would know,that you love but not know anyone herself or who they are to you.That ones fun..lolExcept for the onesshe calls "desolate""..some get stuck,confused etc...No "light,no people,or they "turn away,for their own reason.I've asked them,thru her.Thats the answer I recieved.And what there state is like. etc..""

She described my best friends dad and granma to a tee according to him..He was a tad shook up.His dad died 25 years ago.I saw him when we were kids{old friend}She nailed him down like a detec.He's been on board since that..lol

Next ..Look at a person.Look at at me and say "she has cancer.He has a prostate cancer.He doesn't know it yet.But soon,he will.Its vicious.They wont be able to get it,it is black,mean.It won't ever let go.It will kill him before letting go of him"

Tells whose on drugs,drunk around us and what they are on by what addiction is foremost on their mind...Shes never really done a drug her whole life.She is the definition of straight laced,yet is peeling off the drugs they are on and how addicted they are.

Goto the grocery,she'll tell me if anyone we know is inside before we go in.That one is fun.!100% so far.Roughly 10 times maybe.Thats strong still.

They may weaken,if they do,then it must be so.Just as they started must be so,for reasons above my pay grade can understand.But I did figure out how she knows so much inside of others,the clovers etc.Everything vibrates,right?Lets say she has a radar the recieves the vibrations and able to dissect.Lotta testing went into figuring that one out.But that how I was able to "guess" at what she should be able to feel.As it worked,the theory got VERY sound.

Faded:The shimmers.The "others"..she says shes aware they are around,always,everywhere,not just here.But..She no longer visually sees them.Again,that could make life difficult so....Fade will result I'm guessing.We'll see.

This is still scratching the surface.I have many many many more validations.Some more amazing than these things.At times I thought I went crazy..lol Fade can be good.The mind can only take so much before your reality starts to split.lol

January 4, 2011
6:47 am
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January 3, 2011
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"frrostedman" wrote: Keep investigating the rabbit hole you're both in, and try to keep your wits about you. Prayer for protection as bionic suggested, is a good thing. You just don't know who your wife or even you are going to brush up against in your "travels."

I wish you the best man and thanks for sharing, that took a lot of courage.

Well,according to "Lillian" "he dont fear many things"..So twas nothing friend,thx for the reply.

My 17 yr old son is trying to figure what in thell happened to his mom...lol but the look on his face is priceless.

As for protection.Fear not He is always there.We never really "hit the ground"..Its here,or Home.I'll take either..lol...I learned that in this.Someone/something wanted this to happen so I reall FEEL.As she said in then "trance" I'm a "tool"(theres my wfe..j/k'n).Sent to help bring her back..The lost sheep I suppose.

But If I had Fear,we would have never got her back.The only thing that feeds darkness,fear.A fine line between wisdom/bravery and a cocky fool.Rather than pray for any protection,I thank for every step out of that dark place for her.I saw so much love shown to her,mind numbing,just to make her hang in.Recover,until help arrived.With that going on,I only fear for anything tht may intefere with progess.lolol

So,I pray for another step forward,and those behind....Only fear for me?...Her fear........

But thank you.

But no matter what.Even if you think your in a dream,or a coma,or whatever.If you EVER see a bright,pre white light,thats tiny yet grows..DO NOT TURN AWAY FROM IT...Not TO protect a loved one.Not waiting to "wake up"..At least look first,if you turn you wWILL be stuck.And if you stay for another...They left,you are screwed,as long as you are stubborn...Seemed very common theme.As was dogma a causer for many to get stuck.Not you guys,anyone reading.

So,as a favor...If its crazy,it'll be a kewl dream...take a look in

See,no religion.

Oh and it has a defense system.She can tell me as she does rarely.."see that man,hes a child molester,he prefers this,or that,,he likes this about doing it.Hes gotten away with it.Never been caught."..At the gas station last night she shows me a fella and says "see that guy,"I say yes.."Hes a killer.Hes done it before.Not in anger,its what he is"

Of course,no way for me to validate.But it would break a helluva streak if she was off.

January 4, 2011
7:52 am
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December 4, 2009
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bionic and tom seemed to cover it...they were on it.
Never hurts to ask for help through prayer etc.

Hi bOnez

Only extra advice I would give is that these
things are not for amusement, not for anything
other than to be of service, and if too much is coming
at once to her, that is something she can control.
At all times she is in control of what is coming and
how it is taken care of. Last thing you want is a bunch
of energies making a one way river to her or to you
or your home. These energies and gifts need to be
directed, they are not seen and coming for any other
reason than the fact that she has the ability
to add to this llife. If this gets out of control-
there is of course danger, she starts feeling suicidal
and its a clear result she is not taking care of herself
or doing what she is meant to with what is coming to her.
None of it is to be played around with or to be taken
lightly. These spirits and energies are no less important
than your own or hers. It would appear she has a gift
and ability of intervention in healing and most importantly
to know what she knows is not just to know it for the
sake of knowing it.

“Living backwards!” Alice repeated in great
astonishment. “I never heard of such a thing!”
“—but there’s one great advantage in it, that one’s
memory works both ways.”
— Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking-Glass

January 4, 2011
3:10 pm
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January 3, 2011
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Thx for the concern Sandra.I've been racking my brain trying to find a real time application for these "abilities.So far I draw a blank.I constantly try to "see" a use that would benefit others."...But all I can find is "parlor trick" spplications,which if you knew her,is out of the question.I mean,walk up to someone in a store and say,"you have a bad strain of a malignant tumor in your right breast."They won't be able to stop it"?Gees...They'd be draggin you off to the funhouse.Until it comes true anyway,and so it helped nothing to the soul about to pass.

She did tell a girl she works wit "congrats on your preganancy,whens your due date?" girls reply:"I'm not pregnant" and of course was offended,like it was a weight joke.Guess what?2weeks later,finds out?Yup,she's with child.My wife told her it was a boy.

Another pregnant lady in the grocery walked by,6 months or so along,as my wife walks by her she hears audibly,"Hello" in a small childs voice..A male voice so,my wife HAS to know she says,so she asked the stranger,"are you having a boy by any chance"? The girl says yes,I had an ultrasound 2 days ago,"how did you know that"?She says,I have a knack and walks away.

Now thats a 50/50 shot and can be guessed correctly by anyone.But the look on the strangers face was pricelesss.

But anyway.playin with it(how I figured out what it even is is the only way to understand it so that one may apply it for good or bad)...I gueess it be great for poker..NEVER PLAY POKER wITH HER...Luckily she is not a gambler,drinker or,well,anthing really.Just a good mom and wife.

Point being,I can't really find any real "application" for it...

But,always looking.Always trying to find a nitch for it that could benefit another.

I was concerned like you for awhile.Now,all it has produced is interesting experiences.But one day,its purpose,other than saving her life,may be obvious. But asked that too,in state and the answer as to why it started?""Her self esteem so horribly low,she must SEE she is special,like everyone else.Know she has value too."

In short,all it really does is let her see things,KNOW things about others.Very tricky to apply to anything in any way.

But thank you.

On the "negative energy" front.You'll find this interesting.As my wife is skidish,timid,thinks little of self or her ability to do anything,at first she was just kinda like,a telephone.I would talk to them,well to her,they would answer to her then her tell me their answer.Like we all q and a to find a problem someone is having.I knew alotta confusion was there somewhere.

So any way I'm speaking "to one" who's the only ill tempered one we ran across,and she wasn't "boo" eitheras they like to say.She was just angry,at my wife,asked my wife,"why do you keep making me come here,leave me alone" of course my wife is concerned,she is just a witness,like me.And expresses concern.I calm my wife cause I SEE confusion in this.My wife isn't calling her anywhere,shes cooking dinner! So I tell my wife,"Tell her,don't be mad at you,you aren't making her go anywhere,and you don't care where she is or goes,so why are YOU in MY kitchen then?" "Because you keep drawing me,making me come",again I have Ann tell her,you ARE WRONG,I draw you nowhere.I don't care where you go..so again,"then,what IS making you come here",I was actually curious about that,what force is making her cranky butt move when she is being a baby about it.Pissy attitude towards others{us} and such.

But the answer to my question "Why are YOU HERE,you don't want to be,your even pissed about it,so,why come cranky bones.Why not stay where you were and ignore it? She says " I'm being ""compelled".AHHHH!.So I tell my wife to tell her.Its not I that is "compelling you.You are confused.You may actually be being compelled.Just not by me.We don't care where you decide you want to "be""..But I asked her the question with the scary answer."If its not us compelling you to move to help,who is?You feel it.It draws you,pushes you to some help and its not us here."..So,take it up with that force,who you think it is?I bet you have belief issues,what you believe in?Well,it got way deeper so I'll skip ahead.I'm way off point,sorry.

Any way,that is the extent of any "negative energies,or forces" that we've seen in the dozens.Wifey can do them herself now.Some seem very tricky though.Like the mad one.

Way ahead in the tale...The reason she was stuck?And no angry?

She was homosexual and was from a very religious family.In an effort to "save her from hell" they convinced her,gay people don't go to heaven.They go to hell,or at least will be shunned by God if they dare go home.So,she passed,saw the light coming but turned away from it.Free will dictates.When she turned from light,she was then lost in the dark,believing she "can't go home anyway",she'll just get sent to hell for her sexuality.So she's lived stuck in real limbo,not here,not there.... for a long time.She is then resentful of all.Even Him for not going to "let her in".And she was quite pissed about it.Pissed at my wife too..lol

But we'll just say,it worked out very well.

Negative effects or outcomes are the one thing I haven't seen in the 4 years of this insanity lol.

The harshest energy we face is my 3 year old holy terror that haunts my nerves and destroys my home on a daily basis.The Dark better bring help, Laugh

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