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Ufologists Incredulity in the Search for Aliens............
April 7, 2018
4:37 pm
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January 28, 2015
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    A Commentary Concerning the Ufologists Incredulity in the Search for Aliens


By Wendell. O.  Belfield, Jr.
Optidose-Orthomolecular Nutritional Advocate


“How status quo science brainwashes people and turns them into obedient     

  robots who spout scientific nonsense.”

                                                                            Mike Adams (Health Ranger)


    It is not unusual for happenstance to be the catalyst in the pursuit of a scientific truth. My interest in the “true” origins of mankind is the result of such a situation. In spending years in acquiring credible evidence to prove such a claim the desire to share such findings with notable scientific individuals in academia and in ufology has proven to be next to impossible. I was not at all surprised by the fact that academia would shy away from Alternative Knowledge (“information rooted in mainstream science, but in areas normally kept from public discussion because they cast doubt on the currently accepted paradigms and dogmas of the mainstream.”)  topics because of its detrimental effects on an academic career. In the United States if the students attending universities only knew that the science they are being taught only takes them to a distance from the truth. These universities would experience a dramatic decline in enrollment.

   The late Lloyd Pye who was a pioneer in Alternative Knowledge was once asked during an interview what did he think of the people who were involved in the History Channels “Ancient Aliens” series. He said that they seemed like nice people but he felt they wanted to keep the party going! To contact high media profile researchers such as   David Hatcher Childress, Richard Dolan, Stanton Friedman, Linda Moulton Howe, Giorgio Tsoukalos, David Wilcock and others, to share credible information concerning the origins Homo sapiens is next to impossible. I realize that these individuals are very busy but so is everybody else.

   These individuals and others have done a wonderful job in bringing controversial topics to the general public that have been circumvented on purpose by mainstream science. In the meantime they have created a situation whereby they live in a “bubble”. They do not seem inclined to engage with others who do not have a high Q-rating (a scale measuring the popularity of a person or thing), in the sharing of information. It is my personal belief that those individuals who are pursuing their own individual research interests are a potential threat to the credibility of these high profile media types. They do not want to take a chance that book deals, along with other multi-media ventures would dry up if new pertinent information surfaces. Do to their self-imposed isolation they are no longer up to date with current research. A few years ago I saw Giorgio Tsoukalos promoting an “Ancient Alien” contest for the Taco Bell franchise. Fortunately the ad was short lived. I have always wondered why this ad was suddenly pulled, could it be that it made light of the “Ancient Alien Theory”. I bet Mr. Tsoukalos made a little bit of money off this short business venture.

    With the plethora of evidence concerning the existence of UFO’s a person with only minimal intelligence can correctly come to the conclusion that UFO’s exist. Over the years the ad nauseam coverage of the Roswell crash has turned the specialty of ufology into an irrelevant topic. What many Americans do not realize is that the Nazi’s did not surrender to end the war in Europe only the German military.

    A growing amount of hard evidence has shown that Nazi bases in Antarctica were home to the first terrestrial flying saucers. The evidence seems to demonstrate that Nazi’s got access to an extra-terrestrial flying saucer and reversed engineered it. What I found somewhat amusing. In 1947 near Mount Rainier in Washington State Kenneth Arnold made one of the first initial siting’s of anti-gravitic crafts before they were commonly called “flying saucers”.  In 1952 there was the famous UFO flap over Washington DC. In both of these instances, allegedly, they were not extraterrestrial UFO’s but earth based Nazi UFO’s.

    To digress for just a minute, this raises the question of who really won the war in Europe. Recently, declassified FBI records have revealed that Adolph Hitler was living in exile in Southern Argentina. I am willing to bet “dollars to doughnuts” if this is true, American industrialists sympathetic to Nazism made secret arrangements for Hitler to visit America. It is believed that Hitler may have lived up to 1965. What would be real funny is somewhere there may be secretly kept photos of Adolph Hitler incognito visiting Disneyland.

    In 1947 President Truman issued an executive order for the formation of the Majestic 12 (MJ-12) which is the code name of an alleged secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials, to facilitate the recovery and investigation of alien spacecraft. The United States government must have had good intelligence after WWII that the possibility existed that the Nazi’s had an anti-gravitic space craft.  One has to wonder if MJ-12’s other purpose was to help maintain the illusion that America won the war in Europe when in reality we may have actually lost the war.

    What has made the study of ufology irrelevant is the fact that how anyone (besides the military black budget programs) can discern the difference between an extraterrestrial space craft from a terrestrial space craft. According to Dr. Steven Greer the difference is, extraterrestrial space craft glow and the terrestrial space craft do not. This distinction really helps a lot! I’m being somewhat sarcastic. How can anyone quantify the glowing of a space craft in flight? Dr. Greer claims that extra-terrestrial crafts are seamless while the terrestrial crafts are not (assembled with rivets). I rather doubt that their will ever be a side by side comparison between the two.

    There are so many mysteries concerning the evolutionary history of humans as to make one’s head spin. The real focus on the existence of extra-terrestrials on Earth should be the examination of the anatomy and physiology (this would include biochemistry) concerning the origins of mankind. The reason why this is not happening is so aptly put by Carl Sagan: “We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.”

    It is easier to capture the attention of an illiterate scientific public with ufology than to use evidence gathered from the hard sciences. The next thing to consider is that the high profile media ufology researchers do not really understand science. One has to ponder whether the powers that shouldn’t be are in cahoots with the military industrial (Black budget) complex in controlling the narrative about extraterrestrials through the use of ufology. The study of ufology confines an investigation only to flying saucers and its technology. When used correctly the hard sciences will automatically delve into the who, what and why of a situation concerning extra-terrestrial visitations.

    Richard Dolan, Dr. Steven Greer believes that someday there will be a disclosure of sorts about extraterrestrial visitations on Earth. The question that begs to be answered is who would benefit from such a disclosure. The general public would certainly benefit, the powers that shouldn’t be would not benefit for fear that any kind of disclosure would awaken the public from their Rip Van Winkle slumber and initiate a social/political revolution. There has been over 70 years of deep dark secrets that the public has been an unknowing and unwilling participant of. If this genie ever gets out of the bottle there is no telling how the public will react. Once this genie is out it can never go back in.

    The main purpose of such a disclosure is to reveal to the public that for thousands or millions of years the Earth has been visited by extra-terrestrials. Personally, I would prefer a scientific disclosure explaining why humans are not the product of Darwinian evolution. Such an explanation would go far into providing an insight into the true origins of Homo sapiens. Before such a disclosure could take place petty politics would have to be put aside. Those in the academic community who are in agreement of such a disclosure would be required to sign a petition declaring that they are a proponent of independent scientific thinking. This would establish once and for all without any equivocation that such events did occur. If and when this would happen (I wish it would happen, realistically it is highly unlikely because of the possibility of political blowback) this would be a monumental step in the social evolution of Homo sapiens.

    What sometimes keeps me up at night is the “supposedly” 1954 agreement President Eisenhower made with EBE’s (Extra-Biological Entities/Greys). What is frightening about this agreement is that the United States agreed to allow the EBE’s to abduct citizens in exchange for alien technology. Later accounts lay claim to the fact that the Government became upset with the aliens because they were abducting more citizens than was agreed upon. I guess both parties felt “the sanctity of human life” is an antiquated notion. I would have expected such an attitude from the United States government but from a species that is probably thousands of years advanced than humans to have a general disregard for life. This is definitely disconcerting.

    The industrial military complex’s infatuation with any kind of advanced technology has become very obvious over the years. EBE’s who are light years ahead of humans should be technologically more advanced. In this particular case the EBE’s appear not to be any more advanced sociologically than our human society. I find this real troubling. What this means is that you can have extra-terrestrial beings with advanced technology that have the social mores of a barbarian. These EBE’s should be referred to as having the “Klingon Syndrome.” I just pray that the “Klingon Syndrome” is not the norm in the cosmos.

   In conclusion there are those individuals who have made a comfortable living studying UFO’s. The powers that shouldn’t be have used ufology as a means to distract the general public as well as academia from what is the real issue at hand which is an understanding the true origins of human beings. I would like to end this commentary with a quote from Linus Pauling PhD a two-timed (unshared) Nobel Laurette who was considered a high level intellect, who was an acquaintance of Albert Einstein ( I would trust the bestowed wisdom that these high level intellects left us than any alien wisdom).

    “We are accustomed to thinking of human beings as the highest of all species of living organisms. In one sense they are: they have achieved effective control over a large part of earth and have even begun to extend their realm as far as the moon and Mars. But in their biochemical capabilities they are inferior to many other organisms, such as bacteria, yeasts, and molds.”

                                                                                        Linus Pauling PhD



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