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Quasi-Gender Hypothesis
July 19, 2016
10:26 am
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January 28, 2015
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                  Quasi-Gender Hypothesis


     Selecting a YouTube video to watch is like trying to separate the wheat from the chaff. After finding what can be considered as a reliable source of information, I viewed a video about transgenderism in the modeling profession. This topic seemed interesting. Basically, the video was making the case that transgenderism is fairly common in the modeling and acting professions.

     Photos were shown of gorgeous female models who were men and handsome male models that were female. Can you imagine a person in a relationship  eventually finding out that there significant other was at one time the opposite sex or is about to change into the opposite sex. Talk about skeletons in the closet, you can be sure that this is one skeleton will never see the light of day.

   The truth about the human sexual mystique will never be revealed for fear of empowering the public. It has been generalized that every family has at least one member who experiences sexual dissonance. Is it possible that transgenderism is more common in society than we think?  The following is a common description of what being a transgender is: “denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity does not correspond with the gender assigned to them at birth.”

    Is it possible to be quasi-gender? Quasi-gender can be either a male or female, when in utero the determined sex is unable to complete their sexual conversion biochemically or hormonally to become a completed male or female. When born they may have the complete urogenital systems but biochemically or hormonally they have not made the total transition to their assigned gender.

    At some point outside the uterus during biological and psychological development an individual may have a feeling of morphing into the opposite sex. If this transition cannot be completed the individual will experience sexual dissonance. I would imagine sexual dissonance might be like trying to escape bondage from a madman.

   It is believed that industrial pollution is a major cause of quasi-genderism. It is fairly common knowledge that the by products from the petro-chemical industries can compete for estrogen or testosterone receptor sites. These affected receptor sites would impact quasi-gender individual’s, not as much as those individuals who have made their total sexual conversion in utero.

    This is only a hypothesis but it is believed that in industrial societies 35% to 45% of the populations are quasi-genders. Besides morphing into the opposite sex, quasi-genders can exhibit the following; difficulty in reproducing naturally, unable to reproduce naturally and no inclination for sexual relations.

    The other controversial part of this hypothesis concerns immigration. The United States is an industrial power that is addicted to “cheap” labor. The source of this “cheap” labor is third world countries. Since industrial pollution is a major culprit in declining reproduction rates in industrial societies, could another reason for encouraging immigration be enhancing the diversification of the genetic pool for reproduction? Immigration serves to recharge the genetic diversification in an otherwise declining population e.g. the Caucasian race.

August 27, 2016
11:45 am
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March 18, 2015
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You know thinking is a difficult thing. Most of us avoid it for a lifetime. A lot of this is simply because we lack the tools with which to do any real thinking. We know so little history or even the history within out own families. We tend today to know more about what products to which we or our peer group are exposed than the nature of our own families and our families history.


I personally do not care anything about gendered per se..or quasi gendered...or any  other gendered they want to come up with next year or next month.

Don't worry..these sex pimp out here will come up with another one down the road for you and me to be jumping to this newly revealed tune. Not interested in jumping to the next tune...thanks.

wobjr83055.... I'm going to give you a real strong clue about the phony nature of this world out here. Something someone does not want you to know ..or even be able to think about..nor have the tools to so do.

People....real human beings...thinking educated human beings are much much more than sex and sexuality.


People who can put others on the sex and sexuality puppet strings ..hopping left or right..up or down can control you by the use and misuse of sex and sexuality.

IN government hands it is a sure fired way to guarantee votes...playing to and preying on peoples unguarded sex and sexuality.

I do not have to tolerate the sex and sexuality of a hetero sexual ..much less anyone else.

This is the joke that the government and these groups are playing on the entire population of the United States. By preventing people from thinking with all the cards in the deck ..the government and these special groups can manufacture a bad guy that they can now bully into compliance with their phony status.

These peoples sexual status ..is their responsibility...and others are not to account for this or make up the difference.

Whenever you force people, against their will and over their objections, to tolerate, to be silent on their dissent, or to go along with a new government program concerning sex and sexuality...this is rape on the part of government.

Why ..because I don't have to approve of a hetero on the basis of their sex and sexuality.

Government does not belong in our bedrooms or in our sex and sexuality.

These are individual decisions and responsibilities...not government functions.

Whenever government gets into such arenas..they will pimp out or whore everyone out for votes and power...they will sell anyone soul for a vote or for more power and control over people.


Concerening this wobjr83055,

 could another reason for encouraging immigration be enhancing the diversification of the genetic pool for reproduction?  


Other than cheap labor...what they are trying to do is change the nature of this country..from it's current background to a new template of "Ishmael."


What they want to do is get rid of the seed or line of "Isaac" and replace it with the seed and line of "Ishmael."


I am not an Ishmaelite.




August 31, 2016
10:34 am
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January 28, 2015
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This is a reply to Orangetom. Thank you very much to replying to my post. I agree with most of your comments. I feel that the majority of the people do not realize that the "Globalists" are systematically creating a scenario whereby governments/corporations will have complete control over the reproductive rights of the human population. If you haven't already checkout the movie GATTACA.

What concerns me is IVF (Invitro Fertilization): 

As IVF becomes more commonplace I believe it has the strong potential of weakening the human gene pool. When a man and woman decide to mate the offspring ideally should get the best genes from both parents this ensures offspring survivability. In the IVF process there is a small group of people who are repeatedly entering there chromosomes into the human gene pool. These small groups of people have the potential of weakening the genetic variability of the human gene pool.

In the typical IVF program there are no firm rules as to how many times a woman can donate her eggs, many IVF programs do have a limit to repeat donations.  There seems to be no consensus on whether repeat donations may have a long-term impact on a woman’s health and fertility. Because of these concerns most IVF programs are reluctant to expose a healthy woman to more than a few times of egg donating.

IVF programs are required by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the State Health Department, to limit the number of children created using the same donor.  There is a realization that a limit is necessary, because children from a single donor will be genetic half-siblings.  Currently among the IVF officials it is believed that there is a small chance that these half siblings might meet later in life and be unaware of the relationship which would raise health concerns about potential offspring.

The major concern is what prohibits a former egg donor from crossing state lines and donating her eggs at another IVF clinic.  Even, if she is questioned whether she has donated her eggs before she could falsify her answer.

Sperm donors can make only three donations. The criteria for donating sperm are as follows:

1). Must be between the ages of 18-34.  The sperm of young men are better at defrosting than old sperm.

2). Must be at least 5’11”.  That’s because almost all mothers-to-be ask for tall donors.

3). The sperm donors weight must be proportional for his height. Supposedly proper weight correlates with healthy sperm.

4). The sperm donor must have a high school diploma, almost always a college degree.

5).  The sperm donor cannot or ever had hepatitis B, hepatitis C,  HIV, genital herpes, venereal warts, ebola or the disease called "Hutchinson–Gilford Progeria Syndrome", this disease makes little babies look like they’re 90 years old.

6). After, the evaluation process for sperm donors less than 5% of the applicants are approved.

The troubling question is how many times either an egg or sperm donor can get away with being donors after their initial limits have run out.  The sperm and egg donors own children should be seen as a contributing potential for having many half-siblings floating out there among the general population. This is indeed very troubling when one considers the weakening of the human gene pool.

September 4, 2016
6:30 am
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March 18, 2015
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Excellent point wobjr83055,

Concerning the nature of Ishmael...and Ishmaelites. Of this world and the pattern of this world.


They are of the Fallen. And the natural state of the fallen is "Homosexuality."

What  you are looking at is an attempt by science and technology to bring about "Post Genderism" as part of the dogma of "Trans Humanism."  To go beyond human...by custom scientific engineering of the human genome.

To get rid of gender traits and have only one gender.

If you have only one gender...the only possibility ..no matter how or what direction you go is "Homosexuality."

This is an attempt to bring the world into a condition ready for "The Fallen" and the religion of the Fallen to run amok here on the earth as it did before the flood. Chaos and Confusion.


In particular..this is an attempt to get rid of the line of Isaac and replace it with the Chaos and Confusion of Ishmael..to get earth ready for "The Fallen."

To replace the long held order with chaos...and confusion ..to replace the stability known by many people and nations with Chaos and Confusion.

You have to be educated to become this naturally stupid. Only education can dumb leaders down this naturally far. Ordinary thinking people will not buy into this....and hence they will have to go.

And Post Genderism as part of the plan for Trans Humanism is part of the pattern.

Super Soldiers is another part of the pattern.


You have to be educated to be stupid enough to identify yourself by your sexuality and or sexual orientation...but government in all its wisdom and gaslighting ...is sponsoring this.

People who can think for themselves understand that people identify who and what they are by

Their family lineage

Their Occupations

Or some great work they have done and left to posterity.


Never by sexuality or sexual orientation.

But this knowledge is no longer taught to people so that they will go along and never question..never think for themselves and join in  with the herd mentality ..no matter how stupid it is.

There is more but this will suffice,


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