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The Communist Connection
January 22, 2010
12:02 am
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April 9, 2009
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I’ve been doing some research into politicians and I’ve found a worrying trend. Most (I so far in my research I really do mean most) British politicians have connections to Communist parties and it wasn’t until I read this article by UKIP MEP Batten that I realised this is more than a British problem…this is a European problem and, therefore, a global problem.

This is the article; I’m currently looking into the accused Communists and so far only one of them can’t be tied to Commies: ... commission

Now I’m not normally one for Bashing Commies but I find this quite worrying for two different reasons.

The first is that the British government no longer exist, regardless of what you’re told. I think it was section 22.5A – C that was taken out of the European Constitution (which became the Lisbon Treaty by the way); even if it wasn’t that section there was still a section that basically said that the Nation-States government had the choice weather or not they wanted to accept an EU law but now that section has been removed and we have NO choice, if the EU says jump we have to jump. We are now completely under control of the EU, 100%.

The EU is starting to look more and more like the Soviet Union for every day that passes and I don’t like that.

I will explain how the EU works in very simple terms, less than a few lines hopefully. The European Parliament does NOT make the laws, the European Parliament is an amending chamber (if you’re English it’s like the House of Lords, I had to look that up because it’s not a term I’ve heard used here before Laugh ). The European Commission writes the laws and they’re the ones I’m worried about.

The members of the European Commission are unelected and unaccountable to the general public; they’re nominated by the State and there is one member for each country (like in the Soviet Union I believe, I’ll come to that in a second**). The European population has had zero say over any Commission member, ever. We have no choice over who makes the laws and we have no choice over what laws are passed and which one's aren't.

Now in the current Commission we have between five and eight people with Communist ties out of the 27 Commission members, and one of those Communist members is the head of the Commission (therefore one of the most one of the most powerful men in the world).

I’m not worried about this just because they’re Commies, an oppressive governmental style at the best of time, I’m worried about this because of the way the EU seems to becoming more Communistic as time goes by and because I think there is something more than just the Communist ties.

It’s a small group of people (politicians I mean) and about 1/3 of them (in my research this is), most of whom are in very powerful positions, have visible ties to the same sort of groups and I think I’m right in saying that the Moscow had something to do with all Marxist/Leninists/Stalinist-Communist parties yes?

Isn’t it slightly worrying to you? People go on about the NWO and the Illuminati (not to mention the other secret societies) and here we have visible proof, which everyone can find if they want too, that there really is a small group of men at the top running everything…it’s amazing this has been brushed under the carpet by the mass-media.

You hear a lot of people who research the NWO and the Secret Societies tie there research up with Flimsy (and I’m being nice) reference sources or first hand accounts (which aren’t what I call `good sources) but this is concrete evidence that all these people belong to the same group; and if I’m right in saying that Moscow had a certain amount of control over Communist groups back when the Soviet Union was working then that means that there is even more evidence of a small group of people controlling a huge part of the world.

It doesn’t matter that this is Europe and it doesn’t effect the US (if you believe that bugger off because I don’t have time for that sort of ignorance 🙄 ) because this is the New World Order and it effect the whole World. We stand together or we fall apart, there is no middle ground.

I spend a huge amount of time learning two political systems that are nothing like what I’m used to (the US and the EU) because I know that if the NWO is real (which I believe it is) then I need to know as much about politics as possible. Education is the best weapon we have and the ammunition we need is concrete facts.

The NWO is standing behind huge lead curtain. We need to lift at the bottom if we’re going to reveal everything behind it. Where is the point at trying to find the head when we don’t know where the feet are? Start finding the feet (politicians) and then work your way up. My problem with most Secret society research is that it’s mainly first hand accounts, `eye` witnesses and a lot of flaky evidence…there is none of that which the Communist Connection.

I’ve probably lost many readers by this point but I don’t care; just like I don’t care that they’re Communist, I’d be lying if I said that doesn’t set alarm bells off though, I’d be acting the exact same way if they were members of another group, I actually plan on doing a Fascist Connection in the near future so this really isn’t about the Left and Right at all.

My question is quite simple…why are they all connected to the same group? People look into the most obscure connections, they’re related/went to the same school/ect…, but yet few have done true research into this. This is 100% fact. It is a FACT that Communist regimes are the most oppressive; it is a FACT that they’re non-democratic; it is a FACT that these people who are meant to be running the country for your best interests were members of Communist parties; this is FACT…saying that people’s past is connected with Secret Societies when they were at school and that they practiced apparent `satanic` rituals is not fact at all, it’s hearsay at best and not useful to anyone.

**the Soviet Union claim. I actually don’t know much about how the Soviet Union was ran, I got that From Nigel Farage (a good man and one I trust), and I’m interested to know if anyone has any books in the subject for me to read? Anything will do, even a brief explanation. 😀

I’ll post my evidence in a second, I wrote it for a different site and I’ll need to change the coding in it (images, links and such stuff). 😀

Read between the lies

January 24, 2010
7:57 am
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April 9, 2009
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the brits have never been afraid to side with labor.
that is an american fear.
we have been taught that through propaganda.
that's why we are fed BS on the tube about "making good" in hollywood and sports.
and we go mind numb.
workers are what made this country. but the elite bought it.
communism isn't soviet block.
Polish communists destroyed the soviet system rule.
and the communists in poland, still run things very well.
soviet communism isn't chinese communism, and i see no one worrying about chinese communism. because chinese communism owns us.
we sold us to them.
worry about chinese communism.
but chinese communism is a guise for their workers and farmers, it lets them think they are part of an equal system. it's the only way to keep a few billion near starving dinks in tow.
cuban communism is also not soviet communism. it's actually a truer communism, but upsets the carribian status quo, of american exploitation. we don't like it, however, it does serve us one purpose, it's money in the bank. as long as we keep cuba communist, we stand a better chance of not liberating it, but taking it over. when that system fails, we are hoping that the cuban AMERICAN expats will take it back.
AMERICAN cubans.
not anyone elses cubans, but ours..
we just have to out last the others..
and what's funny, is at least on this plan, we are taking our time. very different of us.
it never ceases to amaze me, how the dreaded spector of communism frightens some..
communism isn't the killer, tyranny is, and any one can call themselves whatever, but we are conditioned against communism.
it's a game. and we would live under a republic, and capitalistic tyranny, and think it's OK..
as long as there aren't any communists.
me, i could give a shitt.
i work.
i have no real benefits, and no real security.
and fight or try to, for whatever i need.
i have SO many licences and permits and laws i must obtain and live with, and i'm supposed to fear communism, or socialism?
find something else to scare me.
there are two major groups, in america living very well, under forms of communism today. and actually live better than the rest of us.
so much so, that they actually live for the most part, apart from us.
and we pay no mind to them.
Mormons, and Amish.
there are certain native tribes that do the same, and they EVEN exploit capalitic trade with us.
but we don't worry.

i tend not to lean too far in any political direction..

i trust no one, BUT, i would rather give up the NEW, or should i call it the "NEO slave" system of today, if even it ment i had to support workers, and be called a communist.

unless of course, i'm invited to star in hollywood, or be a sports star..
then, i've got mine, you sod off.

January 24, 2010
11:29 pm
Forum Posts: 5289
Member Since:
April 9, 2009
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That was bloody well said Evutch. All of it was amazing, well said mate. 😀

I agree with this part 110%:

it never ceases to amaze me, how the dreaded spector of communism frightens some..
communism isn't the killer, tyranny is, and any one can call themselves whatever, but we are conditioned against communism.

That is so true. An economic policy (which is all Communism is) can't kill you. I don’t have anything against the idea of Communism but I, like many, don’t like the way that it’s been misused by many tyrannical governments. 😀

Read between the lies

January 24, 2010
11:41 pm
Forum Posts: 5289
Member Since:
April 9, 2009
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Right sorry it took so long to put up, I was dealing with life shit and forgot to be honest, but here it is a few days late:

I started this line of research many weeks ago but the, quite extraordinary, claims made by MEP Gerard Batten made last Tuesday (12th of the 1st) regarding Communist Connections in some of the highest posts in the European Union really caught my eye. My only problem with his claims is the lack of evidence to back it up, and you know how I like a good link to my sources.

This is not a case of pointless Commie Bashing, mainly because I’m not a Yank, this is a case of researching the people who hold a great deal of and asking some uncomfortable questions about them. How can people who once believed in state control change their mind so much, in some cases so quickly as well, and why do these people hold such positions without the media challenging them about their past views and how they will effect their current decisions?

In the processes of this I’ll give you some basic background information on the alleged Commie’s and their role in the EU’s Commission but first you need to read Batten’s article ( Link).

José Manuel Barroso:

Ex-Prime Minister of Portugal from 2002-2004; current President of the European Commission, the group who make the laws; Member of the Portuguese Parliament since 1985 (Link) holds the award for Laziest Signature ever (Link).

Barroso is accused of being a Communist and the evidence is pretty damming in all honesty. Barroso was the Leader of the Youth Communist Party of Portugal; which would be worrying enough until you find it was a Maoist Communist party, a form of Communism which has caused over 78 million deaths in china alone. There is video evidence of this as well (Link).

Siim Kallas:

Image Enlarger

Ex-Prime Minister of Estonia from 2002-2003; Communist party member from 1972-1990; Current Vice-president of the European Commission.

Kallas openly boasts about his Communist Party membership on his own page on the EU’s website ( Link). Here’s a link to his career in more detail (Link).

Kallas underwent a change of political orientation heart somewhere because he went from being a Communist to being a Liberal, a free market Liberal at that, and became the Prime Minister under the Estonian Reform Party for which he was the Chairman of from 1994 (it’s creation) to 2004 after which he became the Honouree Chairman.

Marcos Sefcovic:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Ex-Slovak ambassador to Israel; from 2004-2009 he was the permanent Slovak representative to the EU; current commissioner for Education, Training and Culture.

After extensive research the only Communist Connection I could find was his School; he attended Moscow State Institute of International Relations which was an, alleged, KGB school(Link).

I have found no evidence to suggest Sefcovic was a Communist and because I believe in “innocent until proven guilty” I see no reason for him to have been accused of being a Commie in the first place. I respect Batten and I read all his articles but on this occasion I think he was wrong. I would be happy for someone to find evidence of him being a Commie though.

Stefan Fule

Served as a Czech secretary to the UN from 1990-1995; diplomat for various countries including Lutuania and the UK thereafter; Current Commissioner for EU expansion and Neighborhood policy; Went to the same School as fellow Commissioner Marcos Sefcovic (Link).

Fule has quite strong Communist Connections; he was a Czechoslovakian Communist Party member from 1982-1989 and he worked as a Desk Officer in the United Nations Ministry off Foreign Affairs for the Czechoslovak Federative Republic; although he was sceptical of the Soviet Union and he was pro-America (Link).

I will stand up for him here and say that to join the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, the best place to study Diplomacy in the Soviet Union, you had to be a member of the Communist Party. Bearing in mind that under the Soviet Union the only party you could join was the Communist Party of where you were born, in this case Czechoslovakia.

Given both sides of view I think Fule was a Communist but I don’t think he held the Communist ideology but time will tell about his views; he has the next four years in the Commission and I will keep and eye on him and update you on his views.


I was hoping to do this all in one go but because there are so many accused Commies I'll make this in two or three parts otherwise it would end up very long and nobody will read it. I was trying to get one done by today but this week hasn’t been a good week for me to spend hours at my PC doing research, next week will hopefully. 😀

Read between the lies

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