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Jewish Hatred Exposed: The case of John Demnjanjuk
October 1, 2009
4:23 pm
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US court allows deportation of accused Nazi guard / Reuters, April 14 2009.

A three judge panel of the appeals court granted the stay pending further consideration of Demjanjuk's motions. His attorneys say painful medical ailments would make sending him to Germany equivalent to torture.

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Demjanjuk's son, who was in Cincinnati to file an urgent appeal to block the deportation, told The Associated Press by phone that his father was in failing health, unable to walk and unfit to travel. He was in phone contact with his father's home in suburban Cleveland, more than 200 miles away.

Demjanjuk Jr. said the agents arrived without advance notice and without an ambulance that had been promised to ease moving his father. Demjanjuk, 89 and in frail health according to his family, was removed from his house in a wheelchair and was to be flown overnight to Munich where prosecutors accuse him of being an accessory in 1943 killings at Sobibor death camp, an area in Poland then occupied by Nazi Germany.

The Ukraine native was sentenced to death in Israel in 1988 as the sadistic guard "Ivan the Terrible" at Treblinka where 870,000 died. Israel's highest court later ruled he probably was not "Ivan" of Treblinka but US officials then stripped him of his citizenship saying he had worked at three other camps and hid that information at his US entry in 1951.

He was expected to arrive in Munich on Thursday after what would usually be an 8- to 10-hour flight. It was unclear whether he was being transported by commercial or private aircraft or whether stopovers were involved.

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John Demjanjuk removed from his home.

Demjanjuk was originally scheduled to be deported on April 5 but won an 11th hour stay, saying he had spinal problems, kidney failure and anemia, was very weak and needed help to stand up or move about. His son says he has life threatening problems and sending him to Germany would amount to torture.

The US Board of Immigration Appeals last week revoked a stay that had prevented his deportation and his lawyers filed a last ditch appeal with a federal court in Ohio to try to get it reinstated. His deportation was the latest and perhaps last phase of a story played out on three continents for nearly 70 years.

The retired auto industry worker had denied any role in the Holocaust. He said he was drafted into the Russian army in 1941, became a German prisoner of war a year later and served at German prison camps until 1944. He was first stripped of his US citizenship in 1981 when he was extradited to Israel for trial as "Ivan" of Treblinka but returned to his home near Cleveland in 1993 upon exoneration and his citizenship was restored in 1998.

It was revoked again in 2002 after US Justice Department Nazi hunters said he worked at other camps. He was ordered deported in December 2006 but remained in the country through legal challenges and for lack of demands from other countries to receive him. Last year Germany's chief Nazi war crimes investigator Kurt Schrimm asked prosecutors in Munich, where Demjanjuk lived before he emigrated to the United States, to charge him with involvement in the murder of 29,000 Jews.

Schrimm said his office had evidence Demjanjuk had been a guard at Sobibor and personally led Jews to the gas chambers. In March, Munich prosecutors issued an arrest warrant for Demjanjuk and asked the United States to deport him so he could stand trial.

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John Demjanjuk's wife and grand daughter as he is taken away!

His son, John Demjanjuk Jr., said recently, "Given the amount of suffering and death that was meted out by Nazi Germany, it seems inconceivable that the Germans, who nearly killed my father in combat and again later in POW camps, now want to take him - so elderly and weak he is unable to care for himself."

Reuters and The Associated Press contributed to this report

The case of John Demjanjuk serves as one of the more blatant cases of blind Jewish hatred and outright lies over the so-called Holocaust. Jew liars have, by falsely accusing Demjanjuk, managed to not only expose their own vicious, unsubstantiated and appalling lies about the mythical "Holocaust," but, in the process, have ruined John Demnjanjuk's life as well.

The John Demjanjuk story begins in October 1975, when a list of names of alleged Nazi war criminals was circulated amongst members of the US senate. The list originated with the Soviet Union’s KGB, allegedly out of material captured by the Soviet Army at the end of World War II.

One of the names appearing on the list was that of John Ivan Demjanjuk – an Ukrainian who had immigrated to the USA in 1951 and who had been living in Cleveland, Ohio, since 1958.The KGB document alleged that Demjanjuk had been a soldier in the Red Army who, after falling into German captivity, had volunteered for service in the S.S.

Demjanjuk, had, said the Soviet document, undergone training at the SS camp in the town of Trawniki, Poland. He had, continued the document, served from March 1943 as an SS guard at the Sobibor camp, and later at the Floenbuerg concentration camp.

Acting on this information, the US government started proceedings to strip Demjanjuk of his citizenship, based on his alleged concealment of his Nazi past from the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

In addition, the US Government instructed its Department of Justice to start a full investigation into the allegations contained in the Soviet document, in preparation for a deportation hearing to send Demjanjuk to Israel for trial.

In February 1976, the American government requested the Israeli government’s co-operation in finding Israeli citizens who were survivors from the Sobibor camp who might be able to identify Demjanjuk. The source of identification was passport photographs submitted by Demjanjuk to the INS during his application for citizenship in 1950 – the logic being that Demjanjuk would still appear relatively similar to how he had looked in 1943.

During 1976, the Israeli police identified a number of Jews who were on record as having been rescued or escaped from the Treblinka or Sobibor camps.

These “survivors”, when shown the photographs of Demjanjuk, identified him as a guard called “Ivan the Terrible” who had allegedly operated the gas chamber at Treblinka.

Despite the American government actually having identified Demjanjuk as having been a guard at the geographically separate Sobibor camp, the “eyewitness survivors” placed Demjanjuk at the Treblinka camp, and of being the gas chamber operator there.

The next year, 1977, the INS instituted denaturalization proceedings against Demjanjuk. While these proceedings were underway, the US Department of Justice then created an Office of Special Investigations (OSI) who sole job it was to track down alleged Nazi war criminals in the USA.

Partly as a result of the delay caused by the creation of the OSS, Demjanjuk’s denaturalization hearing only began in February 1981. In June 1985, he was finally stripped of his US citizenship, and became the subject of a deportation hearing served by the state of Israel.

It took another five years of legal wrangling before Demjanjuk was finally deported to Israel in 1986 to stand trial. The State of Israel's application for extradition was based on the testimony of “eyewitnesses” and a SS identification card, allegedly issued to Demjanjuk upon completion of his training at the Trawniki SS camp.

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Above: The "Trawniki Certificate" - a SS identification card bearing Demjanjuk's name and photograph. Supplied by the KGB, it was a critical piece of evidence - until the collapse of the Soviet Union allowed it to be revealed as a KGB forgery.

This card, which became know as the ‘Trawniki certificate” was a pivotal piece of evidence, as it contained Demjanjuk’s photograph. The card itself had been provided to the prosecution directly out of Soviet records. Along with the identification card, the prosecution produced five “eyewitnesses” who all testified that Demjanjuk was “Ivan the Terrible” who operated gas chambers in Treblinka.

Demjanjuk’s defense was that he had been captured by the Germans and had remained in their captivity throughout the war, never serving with the SS. The prosecution dismissed his defense, producing eye witness identifying him personally, and an SS-identification card with his photograph – the case against Demjanjuk seemed overwhelming, and unsurprisingly, no-one believed him.

The first ‘survivor’ to testify, Pinhas Epstein, took the stand on 23 February 1987, and told the court that “I am convinced that opposite me sits Ivan the Terrible of Treblinka” (Reuters, 23 February 1987).

Epstein said he saw a photograph of Demjanjuk in an album shown to him in 1978 by Israeli investigators. "I was shown an album and my attention was drawn to one picture, and I identified it as that of Ivan.” (Reuters, 23 February 1987).

“I said the photo was not particularly sharp. It was older than the Ivan I knew, but it was still him. The frame, the round face, the short neck, the wide shoulders and the protruding ears. I told them this is the Ivan I remember,”[/I] Epstein said. (Reuters, 23 February 1987.

“I would go to the gas chambers to take out the corpses . . . he would stand and look at the result of his handiwork – the stabbing of girls, the gouging of eyes, the pieces of the girls' breasts . . . this would occur meters from me,”[/I] Epstein continued in his evidence. Reuters, 23 February 1987.

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The next ‘survivor eyewitness’, Eliyhau Rosenberg, then told the court on 25 February 1987, “this man is Ivan, without a shadow of a doubt – Ivan from Treblinka, from the gas chambers, - the man I am looking at now,”Reuters, 25 February 1987.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Rosenberg testified that he got to know Demjanjuk really well, and that once Demjanjuk had given him 30 lashes for stealing bread, and had then forced him to say “thank you.” Reuters, 25 February 1987.

Rosenberg went to tell the court that at the age of 12, he was forced to remove bodies from the gas chambers and bury or burn them. “We soon discovered that women and children burned quicker than men. The Germans would tell us: ‘Throw the children first because they burn faster,’ ” Rosenberg said. Reuters, 25 February 1987.

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To no one’s surprise, the Israeli Court found Demjanjuk guilty on 18 April 18, 1988, and a week later, sentenced him to death for the only crime in Israel which carries the death penalty – being a Nazi. The conviction had been obtained based primarily on the SS identification card and the eyewitness accounts which identified Demjanjuk as the gas chamber operator at Treblinka.

The defense immediately appealed, citing numerous irregularities in court procedure, rules of evidence and other issues.

At a critical juncture in the appeal process – when Demjanjuk’s life hung in the balance- fate intervened. One of the appeal judges had a heart attack, and the case was postponed.During the postponement, in 1990, the Soviet Union suddenly collapsed. As a result, the KGB archives on the case were opened, the reader will recall that the original list and Trawniki certificate had originated with the KGB.

In the KGB file dealing with Demjanjuk, the shocking truth was revealed - the Trawniki certificate had been forged to frame the Ukrainian as part of a campaign against Ukrainian nationalists.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Above: Holocaust "survivor" and eyewitness: Eliyhau Rosenberg breaks down in the Israeli courtroom after identifying John Demjanjuk as 'Ivan the Terrible'. Rosenberg's testimony, like ALL the "survivors" who testified against Demjanjuk, was shown to be false.

Faced with the exposure of the Trawniki certificate as an outrageous forgery, the Israeli Supreme Court, to its credit, acknowledged that the entire case against Demjanjuk had been fabricated from start to finish, and acquitted him in July 1993, stating that there was no evidence to show that Demjanjuk was indeed ‘Ivan the Terrible.’

On 22 September 1993, John Demjanjuk was finally released and allowed to return home to Cleveland, Ohio – an innocent man who spent seven years in an Israeli jail, because of a KGB forgery and a pack of fabricated evidence from “holocaust survivors.”

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Above: John Demjanjuk, still in his Israeli prison clothes, laughs with delight after his acquittal - and the Israeli Supreme Court's dismissal of the "eyewitness" accounts which claimed to have seen him operating a gas chamber at Treblinka camp.

Implicit in its dismal of the case against Demjanjuk, the Israeli Supreme Court tacitly acknowledged that ALL of the eye witness accounts which placed Demjanjuk at Treblinka, were false - as of course they were.

For this reason, the John Demjanjuk case serves as an outstanding example of just how unreliable "holocaust survivor eyewitnesses” are. For if the Israeli Supreme Court could not bring itself to believe them – and that institution, of all, would be the most likely to take their word – then this serves as an indication of just how false these accounts are.

If the ‘survivors’ could lie so blatantly in identifying Demjanjuk, then it is fair to ask what else in their testimony was fabricated?

Now, in 2006, not content with unjustly detaining and sentencing John Demnjanjuk to death on an already proven pack of Jewish lies, this 85-year old man is still being harassed by the Jewish influenced American legal system, and, already stripped of American citizenship, stands on the point of being deported back to Eastern Europe.

It is a disgrace, and one for which the perpetrators will one day be called to account.

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