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December 26, 2016
6:05 pm
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January 28, 2015
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All Third Dimensional Sentient Beings are Predestined to Experience the Vagaries of a Technological Adolescence.
                                   Wendell O. Belfield, Jr.

                                  Orthomolecular Advocate

                 The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

                                                         -Saint Bernard of Clairvaux(c. 1150)-


    Gallivanting throughout the cosmos makes for good science fiction. Navigating through actual space has little or no similarity to boating off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard (is an island located south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts). There are so many dangers associated with manned deep space travel that a successful destination to any exoplanet is very doubtful. Why is there this fascination for “manned” space travel? Surely, it cannot be for the idealistic pursuit of acquiring knowledge. If one examines carefully the history of human exploration it is pursued for only one reason, when the continual survival of the species is put in jeopardy.

    Theoretical physicists have estimated that there are about 11 or 12 dimensions. Humans along with other sentient beings in this universe inhabit the third dimension. This dimension is often referred to as the “material world.”  The fourth dimension is often referred to as the “astral plane,” a gray, polarized plane, housing the forces of light and darkness. The fifth dimension is considered heaven, “the plane of light.” Most religions consider the fifth dimension as the highest realm a soul can reach. The other dimensions require an in depth insight into the meta-physical realm which is beyond the scope of this paper.

    A perfect evolutionary scenario (Punctuated equilibrium) on any planet would be one in which the natural flow of evolution is not deliberately (genetically) interfered with. Allowing the flow of planetary evolution to run its natural course is extremely rare in a third dimensional existence. If sentient beings are fortunate enough to have an evolutionary history free from outside interference they will eventually have a smooth transition into higher dimensional realms. There probably would not be any linear transitioning when entering different dimensional realms. Linear progression (time for example) is a third dimensional construct.  For example, after a being has completed its evolutionary period (death) in the third dimension it would seem illogical to expect any kind of further dimensional evolution to be linear.  After a tamper free evolution in the third dimension, sentient beings could conceivably continue their evolution in any one of the eleven or higher dimensions.

    Beings (for example Homo sapiens) who are the unfortunate recipients of an evolution that has been meddled with will or are experiencing a non- harmonious existence with their planets natural flow of evolution. This form of existence will not allow the entire species to enter higher dimensional realms. The entering of higher dimensional realms is now on an individual by individual basis. It is quite possible that the true philosophy of Christianity (philosophy of true brotherhood) which is a main theme in all major religions. The inculcation of this philosophy was to provide an alternative for not being an integral part in the natural flow of evolution. This would give individual beings a choice to aspire or not to aspire to higher dimensional realms.

    Sentient beings whose evolutionary history has been tampered with are predetermined to experience the vagaries of a technological adolescence. Many planetary civilizations do not survive their technological adolescence (for the sake of brevity “technological adolescence” will be referred to as “techolence”). The unique idiosyncrasies of each planetary civilization will determine the severity of its techolence phase.   .

    If a civilization is fortunate enough to survive techolence it will now have reached a coming- of- age in which to honestly assess the damages done to its planetary ecosystem. Once the assessment is completed a global repair process will commence at once to immediately affect repairs to its damaged ecosystem. Survival of the species is dependent on an immediate solution. Whatever the natural resources a planet can provide for the repair process probably will not be sufficient. Space exploration will not be a dream anymore but a sole means of survival. Since all living things have a strong instinctive will to survive there will be no exceptions in this dire scenario

    There is a paradoxical problem when traversing the cosmos as a means for survival. Planetary exploration to repair a damaged or dying planet requires natural resources.  This creates an outstanding chance of disrupting the natural flow of evolution on planets being visited. Resources being extracted have the potential to disrupt the planetary evolution. When a planet is being visited for the sole purpose to extract its resources, this will alter the future of the planet.  Biosystems can be manipulated to expedite the extraction of natural resources. This creates a precarious situation whereby the planet being visited for its resources will in the future use space travel providing it survives its own techolence. This disruption of the natural flow of planetary evolution is a scourge that is systemic in this third dimensional realm aka “the material world.” The “Process of Diuturnity” has a domino like effect throughout this third dimensional cosmos.

    Once a civilization has survived its techolence phase it now faces a serious dilemma. Does a space faring civilization on a mission of survival disrupt the natural flow of planetary evolution, in search of resources for their continued existence on its home planet? Unfortunately, for the planet of interest the will to survive always overrides a planets normal course of evolutionary development.

    A lingering sense of false confidence resurfaces when sentient beings have survived their techolence. These false assumptions aids in justifying the need for space exploration. These surviving civilizations operate under the false premise that they can have minimal or no impact on a planets natural flow of evolution. Only when it is too late do they realize their miscalculation after they have acted. In essence what they have accomplished is re-creating on another planet the very situation in which they are trying to correct on their home planet.  This is the domino effect of the “Process of Diuturnity” which is  perpetuated throughout the cosmos.

Depending on the severity of the techolence phase that a civilization is going through there could conceivably be unintended consequences occurring in other dimensional realms. For example the use of high yield thermo-nuclear weapons may affect other dimensions that coexist separately alongside our own. The potential in dealing with transdimensional beings makes an already complicated problem even more complicated. It would be easy to surmise that transdimensional beings have a good understanding of transdimensional physics. With this advanced knowledge they may not reason like most third dimensional beings. If this happens to be the case this may be an unsolvable problem.

    Is it possible that a “black hole” is a disturbance in the fabric of space in which the physical laws of two or more dimensional realms are at variance with each other? It would seem reasonable to believe that the physical laws which establishes reality in each dimensional realm would be different. For example the physical laws in the third dimension would not be applicable in the fourth dimension; the laws in the fourth dimension would not be useful in the fifth dimension and so on.

    The planet earth is going through its techolence phase.  If humans do not survive this phase of adolescence there will be no need to be concerned about being complicit to the cosmological “Process of Diuturnity” or the potential interactions with transdimensional beings. So far the prospect for surviving this phase doesn't look very promising.

    The public, private and secretive space programs are based on a group think mentality which promotes more misinformation than real information. For example, there is this dogmatic belief that if there is water there is the strong possibility for life. They don’t seem to realize that water is not the sole basis for life but just an interface for cosmic electrons.

    The real focus should be placed on the finding of planetary supply of ascorbic acid. Life as we know it cannot exist without ascorbic acid. Since ascorbic acid is an excellent free radical scavenger it needs electrons. Once ascorbic acid is found there has to be an adequate supply of planetary water. Once these conditions have been met then there is a very high probability that life as we know it will exist on the exoplanet.

    Thousands of years of trying to understand the environmental conditions on Earth will provide an insight into an exoplanets environment, in which its ecosystem is sustained by ascorbic acid. It will be very similar to Earth’s environment.  If there happens to be sentient life forms hopefully there will be a strong possibility that they may reason like us humans. This may or not be a good thing! Hopefully at this point a sense of wisdom will prevail in considering if the flow of evolution will be disrupted on visiting the exoplanet. Humans only have experience in dealing with planets which are similar to earths. In the final analysis planetary ecosystems, radically, different than earths should be avoided at all costs.


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