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Alternative Knowledge Concerning the Origins of Homo Sapiens
January 29, 2015
3:25 am
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January 28, 2015
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Enlightenment in Revealing the True Origin of Homo Sapiens

By Wendell O. Belfield, Jr. Optidose-Orthomolecular Nutritional Advocate

The late Lloyd Pye defined Alternative Knowledge as “information rooted in mainstream science, but in areas normally kept from public discussion because they cast doubt on the currently accepted paradigms and dogmas of the mainstream.” This definition has provided an impetus towards a new understanding of the origin of Homo sapiens.

When a new idea is about to appear onstage there is a tendency to throw out the old while accepting the new. Darwinian evolution has come under attack in explaining the origins of human evolution, because it has yet to find the missing link (A transitional primate that bridges the evolutionary gap between the anthropoid apes and humans.). This does not mean that evolution is not a valid scientific discipline. Without the intervention of external forces, evolution when left alone works very well. Darwinian evolution will continue to be valid in explaining the evolution of life on planets capable of supporting complex life forms.

The late Zecharia Sitchin’s (Sumerian scholar) research on the Sumerian civilization has provided the framework for a new understanding of the origin of mankind. A growing preponderance of evidence is pointing to the fact that a superior race of people called the Anunnaki ("those who from the heavens came to earth") manipulated the genome of Homo erectus. Once perfected, they even had conjugal relations with their genetic creations. They needed cheap labor for the mining of mono-atomic gold in what is now South Africa. As the story goes the Anunnaki aka “the Watchers” needed the mono-atomic gold to repair their atmosphere (caused by their misuse of technology) of the planet Nibiru.

An advanced civilization like the Anunnaki had to have some sort of prime directive prohibiting interference with the evolution of planetary lifeforms. Unfortunately they disobeyed this directive. They had to have been fully aware they were altering the natural order of evolution on the planet Earth. The template that was used to change the genotype (genetic makeup of an organism) and phenotype (the observable physical or biochemical characteristics of an organism) was Homo Heidelbergensis. This must have been a very time intensive endeavor. Creating a slave labor force was no “slam dunk” for the Anunnaki. It took them a long time to perfect the kind of worker they desired. According to Zecharia Sitchin there initial attempts were considered failures. Genetically engineered males had bladder control issues, multiple eye diseases, trembling hands, liver dysfunction and heart disease. The first genetically engineered women could not bear children. There were beings that had neither male nor female organs. Other genetically engineered beings suffered from accelerated aging. This should be a warning to 21st century geneticists that genetic engineering is not like following a cookbook recipe.

The Anunnaki created an inferior copy of themselves instead of an exact copy. They did not want to take a chance that an intellectual equal would rebel against the prospect of being a slave. Just as slave masters during the 18th and 19th centuries in the United States forbid slaves from learning to read and write. This kind of action would retard the intellectual growth of slaves. All they knew was the harsh labor that there plantation owner wanted them to do. Cheap labor for the Anunnaki would help to expedite the delivery of mono-atomic gold to their home planet of Nibiru.

A repeating theme in this narrative is that old habits die hard. It has been hypothesized that the Anunnaki themselves may have been a product of genetic engineering. Their creators out of some unknown necessity decided to make an exact copy of themselves. When the Anunnaki needed labor for the mining of mono-atomic gold, they decided to take a page from their past history. Instead of creating an exact copy of themselves they used a streamlined process of genetic engineering to create their slave labor force. They needed a labor force that would be acclimated to Earth’s environment. These slaves would have enough intelligence to learn, be submissive and have a short life span. What the Anunnaki created was an inferior copy of themselves. This inferior copy, the Homo sapiens had to have enough intelligence to learn and be submissive enough to take orders. In order to create a submissive labor force they had to find the right chromosomal site where the “sheeple gene” would be expressed.

This is where biosynthesis of "ascorbic acid" comes into play. The Anunnaki may have outsmarted themselves. They thought by turning off the L-gulonolactone oxidase molecule they would be "killing two birds with one stone." The turning off of the GLO enzyme served the first purpose of accelerating neural development just enough for them to learn to take orders and to be docile. They also counted on the fact that ascorbic acid is “somewhat unstable and transient” as observed by Irwin Stone PhD. The Anunnaki did not have the patience to wait for evolution to create a being with a high level of intelligence. This would not be in their immediate interest.

The Human Genome Project (HGP) which was proposed in the 1980s and was formally initiated in 1990. The HGP’s major aims were to map and determine the chemical sequences of the three billion nucleotide base pairs that comprise the human genome. The many years of extensive DNA analysis revealed that the human genome has over 4000 gene based disorders. The Trinucleotide Repeat Disorder (TNRD) also known as trinucleotide repeat expansion disorders is the explanation used by geneticists to explain the 4000 gene based disorders. Depending on the source, 95 to 98 percent of the genetic material of primates is identical to humans. Another way to view this comparison, there is a 2 to 5 percent difference in the genetic material between primates and humans. According to Darwinian evolution apes are close cousins to humans. Why is it that the primate genome has very few defects? It has been estimated that there are between 150 to 300 gene base disorders in the primate genome. How could 4000 and counting gene based disorders in the human genome be a survival advantage?

Another startling revelation concerning the origin of the human species is the fact that our primate cousins have 48 chromosomes while Homo sapiens have 46 chromosomes. What is peculiar is the human chromosome 2 is a fusion of ape chromosomes 12 and 13 with most of the same genes. So far there have been no other examples in nature where a mutation has caused the fusion of two chromosomes. The successful fusion of two chromosomes has only been performed in a controlled laboratory environment.

The Anunnaki like most advanced Space faring civilizations had to have realized the serious ramifications of interfering with the natural evolution of life forms on the planet Earth. We can only surmise that out of a sense of self-preservation along with a level of desperation they decided to re-engineer Homo Heidelbergensis for cheap labor. What would happen to this genetically created labor force when they no longer would be needed?

When the Anunnaki no longer had use for their human slaves they thought that the deactivation of the GLO enzyme along with ascorbic acids property of being “somewhat unstable and transient” would kill off the human species (Similar to what happened in the movie Jurassic Park where the lysine contingency was intended as a foolproof fallback plan to ensure that the dinosaurs never left the island: the dinosaurs were specially engineered to lack supplemental enzymes in their diet, and were incapable of producing the amino acid lysine. This meant that, unless they were artificially provided with lysine through their regular diet, they would slip into a comatose state and die) and hominid evolution would eventually resume its normal evolutionary course.

In their rush to create us humans the Anunnaki may have overlooked a crucial fact that humans require very little ascorbic acid in preventing scurvy. A modicum intake of dietary ascorbic acid ensured the continual survival of the human species. The inability to synthesize ascorbic acid has given humans a shorter life span compared to other beings who had the opportunity to naturally evolve with no external interference. Our shorter life span has been remedied by the fact that humans breed like rabbits.

Advanced space faring civilizations may have judged the planet Earth to be a galactic controversy. The fact that the Earth is bordering on being an ecological disaster of epic proportions has raised serious concerns as to the future of this planet. It is possible that a variety of scientific delegates may have been sent to study and provide solutions to this problem. Without humans knowing it, is very conceivable that Earth is considered to be a quarantined planet. In the past External Biological Entities (EBE’s) may have been responsible for initiating a variety of natural disasters in the past used to right a wrong. As our continued existence shows, these actions have failed. EBE’s have been grappling with the fact that a species not indigenous to this planet has become the dominant life form with access to technology which can destroy all life on this planet. There is no way they want Humans who by their very nature do not mutually co-exist well with others, trekking through the cosmos.

As a possible means of self-preservation we must give the United States Government the benefit of the doubt. The governments “Black Budget Programs” fascination for alien technology could be a means of trying to level the playing field in case these Extra-terrestrials decide to cull or eradicate the human race through some sort of military aggression. This could be the last option for extra-terrestrials in bringing this planet back into a normal course of evolution.

Extra-terrestrials, who have been trying to solve this ecological crisis on Earth for many thousands of years, have proven that they are not infallible. I once had a botany professor who theorized that to prevent the over population of the earth all you have to do is make sure that people have enough food to eat. With access to healthy food people will live longer and procreate less. One of many reasons why advanced civilizations live longer than humans and procreate less is because of their access to good food.

It has been hypothesized that the primary purpose of Orthomolecular medicine, by way of therapeutic nutrition is to have the human species resume a normal course of evolution. The focus of resuming a normal course of evolution has been obscured through the years by the influx of conservative thinking physicians. Access to healthy food is the only answer to stabilizing the human population on this planet. It is safe to say that this idea has not been seriously explored.

It has been theorized if Orthomolecular medicine is ever incorporated into mainstream medicine this would afford a golden opportunity for the demonstration of the effectiveness of the Jacobson2 Niacin Nutriture hypothesis to begin repairing the defective DNA in the human genome. The Jacobson 2 Niacin Nutriture is activated by broken DNA, the poly (ADP-ribose) assists in repairing the breaks by unwinding the nucleosomal structure of damage chromatids. The poly polymerase increases the activity of the DNA ligase. This enzyme cuts the damaged ends off strands of DNA and increases the cell’s capacity to repair itself. Only when the human genome which controls the ascorbic acid/niacin synthesis is repaired and fully functional will “Natural Selection” again become the basic mechanism of evolutionary change. When this happens Homo sapiens will be on an evolutionary pathway which will run the gamut in fulfilling their full biological potential.

Outline On Why Homo Sapiens May Not Have Evolved from Primates

1. Human Bones – Much thinner and lighter.
• There is not one primate bone that is identical to a human bone
• This is one of several arguments against the missing link.
2. Human Muscles – 5 to 10 times weaker pound for pound than primate muscles.
3. Skin – Human skin not well adapted to direct sunlight.
4. Adipose Tissue – 10 times as much.
• Inability to self-heal after a cut.
- Adipose acts as a “wedge” preventing the connection of the skin.
5. Body Hair – Not a lot of body hair (missing), hair patterns are reversed.
• Primates:
- Thick on the back.
- Light on the front.
• Homo Sapiens:
- Light on the back.
- Heavy on the front.
• What is the selective advantage of having a reversal of hair patterns?
6. Human head hair & Nails – Not the same as primates.
• Human head hair & nails must be trimmed.
• What is the selective advantage of human head hair and nails.
7. Human skull & Brains – Not the same as primates.
8. Locomotion – Obviously quite different.
9. Speech – Throats completely redesigned.
10. Sex – No sign of a typical estrous cycle.
11. Genetic Disorder – Humans have over 4,000 genetic defects.
• What is the selective advantage of these defects?
12. Chromosomes – Reduced to 46 from 48.
• Didn’t lose a chromosome just fused.
- Human chromosome 2 is a fusion of ape chromosomes 12 and 13

Robertson Theory on the Aquatic Origins of Homo Sapiens

1. Webbing between fingers.
- Other primates don’t have this.
2. Subcutaneous fat.
- Insulating from cold water.
3. Control over breath humans
- Can hold breathe up to 20 minutes.
- Longer than any other terrestrial animal
- This also helps with our vocalization
4. Loss of body hair.
- Hair creates drag in water.
5. Instinctive ability to swim.
- Human babies are able to do this.
6. A highly developed brain, which depends on nutrients provided by seafood.

Copyright © 2014 Wendell O. Belfield, Jr. All Rights Reserved.

August 24, 2015
3:00 am
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August 23, 2015
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All this time and no replies. I know, it's difficult to respond to something like this.  And I'm sure many either think it's nonsense or they are afraid.  But I'm not afraid.

I think that if humans were smart, and we aren't, we would go and get what was denied to us. And that is the "tree of long living".  Remember that quote from Genesis about how humans can only live to be 120? Now you know where that came from!  I think it's pretty screwed up. I think we have the right to fix it. But like I said, we are not smart.  That's why we are stuck on this stupid ball of dirt.

We've been hearing about the U.S. government building a space fleet right?  I wonder if it's because they know that Nibiru is going to be cruising through the inner solar system sometime in the next nine centuries, if I did the math right, and they want to be ready. Or might they be interested in a little recon mission? Well, you just saw that probe blast past Pluto (Gaga).  What comes next could be the biggest shock in modern history, assuming that NASA wouldn't cover it up, which they would, will.

I actually had a dream that I built a ship and travelled to Nibiru. I also brought with me a little surprise, an asteroid in tow.  I told them to give us what they denied us or else I would let the asteroid strike their planet.  Too extreme?

August 30, 2016
12:42 pm
Forum Posts: 186
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November 17, 2013
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I have been meaning to respond to this topic but put it off for lack of time.  My ET contacts have answered many of the questions of the origin for me. They say the big bang theory is all wrong.  The very low temperature of the back ground radiation indicates that the universe is far far older than earth cosmologists claim: ten to one hundred times older if not indeterminate. 

Humans have been around for tens of billions of years.  They are all over the place out there and migrate from world to world.  Humans were originally aquatic which accounts for many of their unusual characteristics which seem inadequate for life on the surface.  Aquatic humans still exist in the oceans of other worlds and lived in the oceans of earth until the end of the ice age.  There are rumors that some still do.

The present primitive condition of earth is the result of a cosmic war that began 3 million years ago.   Our solar system was attacked by beings from the Beta Persei system (Algol).  Mr. Sitchin calls them the Anunnaki.  They are humans with a blue skin color and act like Nazis. They are a hybrid race who can only reproduce by cloning themselves.  In the course of the war the atmospheres and oceans of Venus, Mars and Mercury were blown away and the fifth planet was completely destroyed. Earth, which ET often calls Lemuria or Juno, was the only planet to put up a successful defense.  Earth forces pursued the enemy as far as the Saturn system where the finale battle was fought.  Several moons were destroyed and the debris forms the rings.  The Anunnaki were destroyed and their derelict battle ship is now called Iapetus by astronomers.

The survivors of this war then sued the Beta Persei system for reparations in the Galactic Federation Court. They prevailed and all the accounts of their enemy were exhausted.  However the Anunnaki refused to surrender and have become pirates.  They need gold for money as their accounts are closed. (Not to fix their atmosphere.) They have continued their attacks on a smaller scale. They have attacked earth with biological weapons which have led to the degeneration of humans here. The result has been a shorter life span, loss of ability to make certain vitamins in the body, contagious and degenerative diseases and inability to control reproduction.  At what we call the end of the ice age the enemy directed a comet toward the earth.  Evacuation had already begun. The Atlanteans migrated to a planet at Centauri B.  The Lemurians migrated to the Arcturus system.   To explode the comet in space would create fragments that would be even more dangerous. Earth forces were able to direct the comet to the polar ice cap.  They then exploded it in the atmosphere above the location that we call Hudson's Bay today. 

The ancient civilizations vanished in the cataclysm.  Some people who declined evacuation survived and their descendents are the present population of the earth.  The solar system is still a combat zone and only military ships and pirates come here.  The Lemurians still claim title to the earth,  but it has been too dangerous to rebuild. Their current location is about 42 light years from here.    

When you can go out and see the universe, who wants to go look at a Russian submarine? (Melvin C. Riley, US Army Remote Viewer)

August 30, 2016
4:24 pm
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August 20, 2013
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I like what Graham Hancock has to say on the subject. He has many interviews on You Tube and I have bought his latest book.

August 31, 2016
10:02 am
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January 28, 2015
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This is in response to Taeko's remote viewing. These remote viewing scenarios of what happened in earth's past are fascinating. It seems that Star Wars is more fact than fiction.

What I do not understand is if the Annunaki behave as Nazi's why did they develop such a high culture in Sumeria. Supposedly before the establishment of Sumeria humans where in the stone age.

If humans had an aquatic past why did they leave the oceans for the land? 

Is the earth a quarantined planet? If so will the quarantine ever be lifted?

Lastly, how does Jesus Christ fit into the following scenario?Confused

September 1, 2016
4:36 am
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August 20, 2013
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Watch zeitgeist the movie and it should give you a better understanding of the false history of JC.

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