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Multiple Purposes of Pyramids; A Commentary
November 30, 2017
1:06 pm
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January 28, 2015
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November 30, 2017


Multiple Purposes of Pyramids  

A Commentary

  By W. O. Belfield, Jr.


    In the process of creating life on a dead or lifeless planet why would advanced EBE’s build pyramids for only one particular use?  

    We humans have a predisposition towards two dimensional thinking. Author Kathie Snow does a splendid job in describing two dimensional thinking; “It goes by many names. Either/Or, Black/White, Yes/No, All or Nothing-but whatever it’s called, two dimensional thinking can be a recipe for conflict, stress, diminished opportunities and other less than desirable outcomes. Some of us engage two-dimensional thinking only occasionally during specific circumstances; while for others, its routine day in and day out, regardless of the issue.”

    From time to time it has been conjectured that the pyramids on Earth were built just before or during the implementation of directed panspermia. In the first place, why are there so many Pyramids on earth and throughout the solar system? Pyramids are very durable structures. Pyramids are basically a triangular structure. Triangles are considered the strongest geometric shape because a triangular structure subject to strong forces only collapses due to material fatigue and not to geometric distortion.  If materials such as granite or geopolymerization (concrete) is used in building a pyramid, depending on its geological location these structures could conceivably last for millions or even billions of years.    

    It has been further hypothesized that the number of pyramids that a planet has serves as an identification marker. Pyramids can function as an energy grid that taps into a planets natural surrounding energy field. When a planets pyramid array is fully operational it may have dual functionalities the first being an energy deflector against celestial objects such as comets and asteroids. The threat would be determined by the size of the object when it nears the energy grid. This functionality would ensure the continual evolution of the primordial life forms. The second functionality would be a defense shield to protect from unwarranted intrusions. Once the life forms have established themselves and to ensure an uninterrupted evolutionary development, a planets pyramid array may function as a cloaking device for the entire planet. This would prove to be an additional deterrence for space faring civilizations.

    The inside of a pyramid could serve as storage for biological's. The storage of biological's would be used if needed in the further development of planetary life forms. Over millions of years without any kind of pre-maintenance program these pyramidal grid arrays would gradually fall into a state of disrepair. When this happens it would be tantamount to sending a galactic distress signal. This would attract a multitude of space fairing civilizations to the area. This may explain over time the many varieties if EBE’s that have been visiting the Earth.

March 6, 2018
10:57 am
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February 2, 2018
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I think you're right on the mark. You wouldn't waste such resources on a massive scale if it wasn't multipurposed. I'd like to purpose another use I've been pondering. Thoth says his masters, with their great sciences, made it possible to see the lizards among us. That was their downfall and they were defeated. Could the pyramids have also been tuned to vibrate at a specific frequency? Using their global positioning , as well as the massive amount of obelisks, they could have tuned a field around the planet. It may also explain why they were shut off . Just a thought.   

It's better to walk alone, than with a crowd going in the wrong direction. H.S.

April 12, 2018
5:54 pm
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April 12, 2018
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While you are correct about the pyramids scattered across the world being intended to serve multiple purposes, your reasoning in this post goes much further beyond the realm of probability than is truly necessary to explain the origins and purposes of these ancient structures.

The first issue I want to address is the very foundation of your assertion here. Your claim that the various pyramids across the globe serve as a global defensive grid to preserve “uninterrupted evolutionary development” is dubious. Most expert prehistorians and scientists believe that our planet has endured five mass extinction events since the beginning of life on this planet; many argue that we currently find ourselves amidst a sixth. Also, at least one of these extinction events was likely caused by a massive asteroid striking in the modern-day Gulf of Mexico (1, 2). If the pyramids served as the source of all life on this planet, as you seem to be suggesting, the deflective shield should have been active by the time dinosaurs were largely wiped out by the asteroid strike. So, either the defense grid has failed miserably, or more simply, it does not exist.

Let me suggest a simpler explanation for the abundance of pyramid-like structures that span the Earth. In fact, you partially answered your own question, “Why are there so many pyramids on earth?” Ancient peoples across the world built so many of these structures because they were remarkably stable and durable and, from an architectural standpoint, they were relatively easy to construct (3, 4). Constructing such monuments was certainly well within the capabilities of the ancient civilizations who built them. There is clear archaeological evidence that the development of the Egyptian pyramid style followed a chronological and increasingly well-built evolution in design before perfecting the one that proliferated throughout the empire (5).

Again, you are correct in stating that pyramids serve multiple purposes, but only in that. The only “biologicals” in the pyramids are the remains of the Egyptian pharaohs who ordered them built. The Egyptians used pyramids both as tombs and as large, effectively permanent, displays of the power and boundaries of the Egyptian Empire. This practice would be carried on by the Nubian empire in later centuries, though they would bury their dead underneath the pyramids (6, 7). Although significantly less is currently known about them, it is not difficult to hypothesize that pyramids built by early Asian and American civilizations served similar purposes to those in Egypt, and many scientists do. The builders were undoubtedly motivated by similar things; those working on the Great Pyramids in Giza were not only paid (often in housing and food) but were likely proud to labor toward such a large and lasting monument that would forever glorify their gods, their leaders, and their people (8).



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