Budd Hopkins 1989 talk show

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Date of Event / Case File: 09/14/1989

This is rare footage from the Henry McKay UFO Archives of an interview with Budd Hopkins, and abductees: Debbie Tomey (aka. Kathie Davis) and Dorothy Wallace (also spelled Wallis).

Also interviewed is abduction hypnotist Dr.Gotlieb. The woman named Kathie Davis (also spelled Kathy Davis) in the book “Intruders” by Budd Hopkins was in actuality Debbie Tomey.

Budd changed her name to Kathie in the book to protect her identity. In this video this is the first time Debbie “comes out” to the public with her real name. This video was filmed approximately three years before the movie came out, which was also called “Intruders”.

The Dini Petty Show was a very popular talk show in Canada in the late ’80s and ’90s. This was filmed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and aired on Sept 14, 1989.



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