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taurus Be yourself, everyone else is taken.
Have been interested in the UFO phenomenon for quite some years having had 4 UFO encounters during my life. Recently over the past…
gemini kewin
capricorn bebop
I'm a danish guy who has a great interest in Flying Saucers or as Stan Friedman said "All Flying Saucers are UFO's but not all UFO…
gemini secret of secret
aries dansk
gemini the moon
I am a UFO entusiast, with special interest in the moon
cancer hi...
hi my fellow conspircist?
capricorn The difference is the same, it's just the colours that have a different sound when you taste them.
59 and stille not convinced that we are alone in the universe - in fact knowing that we are not - and knowing that we have been ho…
capricorn Exciting
Just checking out the black vault :) So far its a very informative site
aries Total Endgame
I don't know where we're heading, but I feel we're going there fast..
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