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I'm a happy individual who has a deep interest in all things unknow!
nature lover. Love God above all and everything
I am very interested in uncovering government secrets.
Fucking STONERhahahahaha
It's better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you're not
I'm curious, objective, and analytical. I like to solve puzzles or mysteries, UFOs and other paranormal activity among them.
Interested in the paranormal.
I've just woken up to find that almost everything I ever believed in was a lie. The truth shall set you free. And now I am free.
dream beond the stars
hellow my name is kezzie and i have a gift. i can tell the future with my dreams. the only problem is i cant control what i see so…
I love the paranormal, astronomy, anything dealing with ghost hunters, aliens.
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