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cancer harley
I will never let go of thinking out of the box and investigating the truths that others call conpsiracy theories,,,,,,  
libra The truth shall set you free
I am a middle aged¬†male who woke up 10 years ago. since then I have researched everything we know about and found out the truth of…
pisces Harry Gold
Just an average guy who loves the truth
aquarius Seeker
Interested in the unexplained
i love to hear and read about the paranormal / super natrual.
scorpio ufo sightings
orange ball in sky.moved very fast!
taurus Just me
Just me, nothing more, nothing less.
aquarius secrets
iam interested in secrets and activities around the world
capricorn PGM Researcher
I'm a reasearcher and always want to know more as I'm driven by truth no matter how good or bad it is.
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