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virgo The only thing that intereres with my learning is my education: Albert Einstein.t
Im interested in what this site has to offer, thats about all i have to describe!
leo Curious
Curious researching earthling.
Ray Alex Website
Ray Alex Website reveals the secret leadership of the World Conspiracy known as the Illuminati and the Bilderbergs and other`s tha…
capricorn Psyko
Curious like hell!!!!!!!!!!
capricorn a dime for an epiphany
Just curious is all.
sagittarius Kia kaha
Go to work, Get married, Have some kids, Pay your taxes, Pay your bills, Watch your TV, Follow fashion, Act normal, Obey the law..…
cancer Professional
Longtime history freak, cryptology and political science.
taurus Truthseeker
I am a seeker. Seeking truth wherever it may be hidden. They say they lie to protect us, but it is merely to protect themselves. I…
taurus Living is not life, life is living!
20 year old guy from Sweden ;)
I've spent some time, about 150 hours the last 6 month of watching documentaries about ufo, ancient ufo etc. Was a bit skeptical i…
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