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Contactee/Mind control resource uk
AMMACH (Anomalous mind management, abductee, contacteee helpline) is a newly formed UK resource, founded by Joanne Summerscales an…
historical researcher
I am a sleeping hunter!
I am all right! I am not an alien!
Just an ordinary person in an extraordinary world.
we will c hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm m
Tywanderer's Realm  
been facinated by the ufo phenomenon for about 15 years and only like to read and research credible websites,documentaries and boo…
i am interested in all paranormal activities and spend alot of time trying to understand what is happening in our world, both terr…
I Need To Know The Truth
UFO Hunter and Gost Hunter And all of the above
only fools walk silently into the night
watching millions of bright people destroy billions of brighter spirits
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